Maple Class 2013-14


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14th February 2014

Today was a very wet day! But that didn't faze us, after all it is Fun-filled Friday and we go out whatever the weather! Our task today was to hunt for one of the first signs of Spring - Snowdrops! We found hundreds in the churchyard, one of us even compared them to a 'white blanket.'

snowdrops snowdrops2 snowdrops3

Mind you, walking up that steep hill is hard work, Joseph needed a rest!

joseph resting 480x640

One thing we weren't expecting to see was a caterpillar, some of us were worried it may be a bit too cold!

amelie caterpillar 640x480

By the time we got back, we were well and truly drenched! That didn't stop us from smiling though, in fact we had fun styling our hair before we dried off - thank goodness we were all wearing our waterpoofs and wellies!

wet wet2 hairstyle hairstyle2 hairstyle3

7th February 2014

Miss Holmes is very proud of us this week, we have all produced some brilliant pieces of art work. We looked at George Seurat and his style of painting - Pointillism.


We had a go at some Abstract art (we loved being able to have the freedom to paint what we liked!)

abstract4 abstract 2 

We looked at Wassily Kandinsky's famous painting 'Circles'  and then used oil pastels to create our own version.

circles circles2

We also tried our best to draw the other half of our faces, we didn't realise that our faces weren't symmetrical!

faces 640x419

This afternoon, the school set up our very own 'Beoley Art Gallery', our parents had the opportunity to come and have a look at our artwork and purchase a framed piece for only £3!!

gallery 640x252 gallery2 640x468 gallery3


4th February 2014

This week, we are having an 'Arts Week' and today we all went on a whole-school trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We had lots of fun exploring the different genres of Art and trying to spot different paintings.

We are hoping to have a go at doing our own art work in school inspired by some of the artists we saw today. There were lots of fascinating things in the Birmingham Museum and we couldn't believe how different life used to be!art talk 640x480 large painting 640x480 mirror 480x640 museum kitchen 480x640

Did you know, for example, that drinking cups were often made of leather?

leather cup 480x640


31st January 2014

Today is Chinese New Year and we decided to join with Reception and Year 1 to have a 'Chinese New Year Day.' We learnt that this year is the year of the rabbit, why people celebrate it and what sorts of things they do. In the morning, there were lots of different crafts for us to choose from. Some of us had a go at painting Chinese characters, making horse masks, chinese dragons and many more! Then in the afternoon, we were all lucky enough to do some food-tasting: there were Sweet and Sour vegetables, egg fried rice and spring rolls - yummy!


21st January 2014

This week, in English we are writing stories set in the Polar Regions and have been focusing on the setting of our stories. Miss Holmes is teaching us how to use descriptive language to 'set the scene.' To inspire our creativity, we designed and made our story settings.

2014-01-22 008 640x480 2014-01-22 010 640x480

Just have a look at some of the fantastic things we came up with:

story setting story setting2

17th January 2014

Next week the 'Big Schools' Birdwatch' is taking place across the country, organised by the RSPB. We decided to walk up to St Leonards church today and do some birdwatching of our own. We had to be extra quiet and used binoculars to spot different species of birds.

birdwatching 640x480







8th January 2014

This half term, our topic is called 'Pole to Pole', we are going to be finding out all about the Polar regions and Miss Holmes has lots of exciting things planned!

Click on the links below to find out more about what is happening this term:

'Pole to Pole' Topic Web           Spring Term timetable


December 2013

In English, we have been focusing on instructions. Before having a go at writing our own, we began by following some written instructions. We had to follow them exactly, even if they did not make sense! We found that some of them did not have enough detail or were in the wrong order.


November 2013


This term our topic is 'Festivals around the World', click on the link below to see what we have planned for this term:

'Festivals around the World' Topic Web

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. In DT we have been making Rangoli patterns. First of all, we drew 4 different designs, then we evaluated these and chose our favourite one. After that we drew our favourite one in detail, making any adaptations that were needed. Using salt dough, we carefully measured and cut out a square and then put it in the oven until it was hard enough.


Then we used lentils, rice, cous cous and split peas to collage our tile.


Finally, we  carefully painted our tiles using acrylic paint.



October 2013


We have been looking closely at traditional tales and as part of a 'Book Week', we had a fairytale themed party day, just take a look at our super costumes:

 PA110220 (366x800)   



September 2013

A brand new year in Year 2! So far in Maple Class, we have been working really hard and Miss Holmes is very pleased with us. In English, we have been studying books by Shirley Hughes, we particularly enjoyed the story of Dogger. We really impressed Miss Holmes in Maths recently when we started adding 4-digit numbers - WOW!

Our topic this half term is 'Toys: Then and Now', we have found out lots of interesting things about toys from the past and have had lots of fun in our very own Toy Museum:



At the beginning of the term, we had our suspicions that 'The Big Bad Wolf' may have sneaked into our school (we found pieces of fur, Grandma's glasses and her shawl lying around the classroom). To warn the rest of the school, we decided to make 'wanted' posters, design wolf traps and even went on a wolf hunt!

On Tuesdays we enjoy helping Mrs Marshall look after our growing area, we have picked, chopped and cooked the fruits and vegetables and made some tasty dishes for the rest of the school to try!