Hazel Class 2013-14

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4th July


We've been pond dipping again!  This time we caught even more newts and learnt that they can breathe oxygen... this meant that we could hold them!  Take a look at how brave we were! 


Newt in Net 640x480  Newt 640x480


Newt in hands 640x480



Aimee and Newt 480x640   Aimee and Olivia and Newt 480x640   Alisha and Bethany and Newt 640x480


Bethany and Newt 480x640   Brendan and Newt 480x640   Chloe and Newt 480x640   Eleanor and Newt 480x640


Evie and Newt 480x640   Hayden and Newt 480x640   Jack and newt 640x480


Lewis and Newt 480x640   Mia and Newt 480x640   Nathan and Newt 480x640 

 Olivia and Newt 480x640  Ross and Newt 480x640






6th June

Did you hear about our houses!?

Inspired by 'Up' we designed our own houses, and then yesterday Hazel Class made them fly!!  I think the photos speak for themselves!! 


Attaching the Balloons 480x640      Were ready to fly 480x640


Its going 480x640      its off 480x640


up 480x640      and away 480x640


                                     how high 480x640


5th June 2014


I hope you all had a great holiday, it was fantastic to have lots of eager learners back in Hazel Class on Tuesday!  


Before half tern we planted some trees around the edge of our new Forest School Area, the first attempt at planting the trees was a wash out, so we were relieved to have a dry day before the end of the half-term.  

 Brendan Tree Planting 640x480


This week we have carried out an investigation in Science.  We found out that light can only travel in straight lines, but if you put a shiny surface (aka a mirror) in the way of the liught ray then the light reflects and you can change the angle depending on how and where you are hoding the mirror!  Take a look at the photos of the directions we created!!

Yr34 Science Investigation 1 480x640


Yr34 Science Investigation2 640x480


Yr34 Science Investigation3 640x480

22nd May 2014

Once again, we have been really busy in Hazel Class! We have been having lots of fun practising skills we have learnt in year 3 and also learning lots of new things too.  


This term in Science we have been studying Light and Shadow. We were really lucky to have a very sunny morning last week so that we could go out and play with our shadows!  We noticed that when the sun was shining brightly our shadow was quite dark but as the sun's light got weaker the colour in our shadow faded.  We also noticed that when the object casting the shadow is close to the light source the shadow is really, really big and the further away the object gets from the light source the smaller the shadow being cast becomes. 


Haydens Shadow 480x640 





 London Bridge Byron Jake and Brendan 640x480



In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes recently, and Hazel Class is becoming a 3D-shape spotter's haven with some fantastic Shape Mobile Homework!


                 Charlie and Ross 3D Shapes 480x640             Lewis and Amy 640x480

                                           We have been investigating edges, vertices and faces of 3D shapes!


Our Thrilling Thursday activity last week was Den building.  We had a fantastic time, out in the sun, building dens from tarpaulin, clips, rope and our surrounding environment at Beoley First School.  We were really good at this and finished our dens with time to have a 'tent-race' (we were in two teams and each team had to put up a 6-man tent; the first team to have their tent erected and secured on the ground were the winners!).  


                          Were ready to start 480x640           Tent Champions 640x480

                                        Team 2 had their tent up and secured on the ground in under twenty minutes!


On Friday, 16th May, Hazel Class hosted their first Inspire workshop for 2013/14.  The focus of this workshop was writing and we were really grateful to all of the parents, friends and family that joined us for the morning and helped us to plan our amazing stories!


Take a look at the photos below to see all of us hard at work:


                      Evie Inspire 480x640              Aimee Inspire 480x640              Alisha Inspire 640x480                          Bethany Inspire 640x480         Brendan Inspire 640x480          Byron Inspire 640x480      Chloe Inspire 640x480       Eleanor Inspire 480x640     Harry Inspire 640x480

Hayden and Dad 480x640           Jack Inspire 640x480        Jake Inspire 640x480             Lewis Inspire 640x480         Nathan and Mia Inspire 640x480           Peter Inspire 480x640Ross Inspire 480x640


Thank you!


In maths this week we have been learning how to record, and then interpret data.  We started this topic with an investigation to find out who was the best 'Tiddlywinker' in Hazel Class - we found out that it was Eleanor.  Today we had a relay race using water; we had to get 5 litres of water into the bucket at the end of the obstacle course, but we were only allowed to use a sponge to transfer the water and we had no idea how much water we were starting with!  We had to think carefully about the equipment we would need for each of these investigations, and how we should record the data.



      Byron Tiddlywinking 480x640   It took lots of practise 480x640   Mrs Turnbull Came to Join us for Maths  480x640    Then Miss Davies came to show us how to do it  480x640Champion 480x640


       On your marks get set 640x480             Preparing 640x480                  go 480x640    Data 640x480measuring capacity 480x640

In our Topic lessons this week we have been looking at the Water Cycle.  We used a sponge to demonstrate how the cycle works. 


     Water Cycle 640x480   Water Cycle 2 480x640   Water Cycle 3 640x480


9th May 2014


Yesterday, our Thrilling Thursday adventure began with releasing the froglets we have been looking after into our school pond.  


We learnt that once a tadpole has grown front and back legs, he will also have developed lungs so now they need to be somewhere that they can get out of the water with ease.  


We we also learnt how to look after our school chickens, although Miss O'Neill is a little scared!  


4th May 2014

Sorry, I haven't updated the blog lately... We've been out and about, in fact we've hardly stopped!! 

Thrilling Thursday May 2014 640x480


We got very wet on our most recent Thrilling Thursday!


This week we learnt how to use our compass.  We were very good at following the directions! 


Learning to use our compasses 480x640



Pond Dipping! 



Here are a couple recounts of our Pond Dipping adventure.  They have been written by members of Hazel Class.




Dear Diary, I enjoyed pond dipping because me and Jack caught a newt.  I was excited so I ran to the pond but when we got in the pond area the underwater camera wouldn't work.  So then we started to lie down and pond dip.  At first we caught lots of snails but then Jack caught a Newt and I caught a Dragonfly Nymph!  One of the snails was sucking the Dragonfly Nymphs back, the Dragonfly Nymph wasn't very happy.  Brendan and Byron caught a yellow newt, and four other newts.





Yesterday, we went pond dipping.  I jumped into my welly boots and ran to the pond to collect my net.  Then, off I went by the pond.  Do you know what my first catch was?  It was a Pond Skater!  My second catch was a Tadpole and then, (I'm not sure when this happened!) I caught a little newt!



Yesterday, when I got ready to go pond dipping I was really excited but when I started walking there I got nervous.  I was nervous because I didn't want to fall in and have a newt sucking my blood!


I really wanted to catch a newt and I caught four of them!  I was really excited, three were black and one was yellow.  


The best thing was catching a pond skater. It was like Usain Bolt, they are really fast and they glide just like a turtle.  I liked the water beetle too, because he was really funny.  He just fast-walked around the tray.  



 Here are some photos of our pond-dipping:



We learnt about the safest way to cast a small net into the pond, then the serious pond dipping began...

We are serious Pond Dippers 640x480



Here is our first catch:


The First Catch  640x480




Look at what else we caught:


Look at what we caught 640x480



Look at the size of him 640x480



We had lots of fun!

Boys having a good time 640x480 2





 On our Thrilling Thursday Treks, we have been using the Geo-cache app to locate capsules, hidden in and around Beoley by other Geo-cachers.  Some of the Geo-caches have prizes hidden in them, whilst others have simply just a log book.    

Geo-caching for the first time 480x640

Before Easter we went Geo-Caching for the first time as a class.  We had a great time, and we managed to find one!  

Here it is 640x480


Here it is!!


Hurray 640x480


We were very impressed with Brendan's finding skills, and very excited to have found our first Geo-cache!



Science Week

Last term we held Science Week and were treated to an assembly (and Dry-Ice) workshop.  Here are some photos of Aimee and Hayden helping out the Science Boffin!!


Aimee Science 4 480x640

Aimee wasn't too sure what was happening, but the Science Boffin explained that the chemicals inside the glove were taking part in an exothermic reaction, that meant the chemical reaction was producing heat. The heat, in the form of a gas, was causing the glove to grow!!








Hayden's experiment was also exothermic - and it could re-ignite a flame after it had been blown out!!  We were all quite amazed by the science we experienced during Science Week!




31st March 

Fish Update!!

The names chosen via a very diplomatic lucky dip were:  

Midnight, Odee and Flappy (All children's own suggestions!)  



27th March

WOW!!  It feels like we haven't stopped in Hazel Class for the last couple of weeks.  Here are a few photos to show you what we've been up to!  


We decided as a class that we weren't really enjoying the World Traveller topic and that rather than researching lots of different countries we would like to become World Explorers. We began to watch 'Up' and we had lots and lots and lots of ideas - finally we decided that we would like to earn badges (Just like the little boy in 'Up').  


The Badges we are working towards are:

1. Ready to explore

2. Camping under the Stars

3. Den Building

4. Extreme Walking

5. Wild Adventure

6. Animal Detectives

7. Underwater Exploration

8. Helping Somebody in Need

9. Team Challenge

10. Science Investigation


Miss O'Neill has been busy planning opportunities for us to work towards these badges and a few of us are very close to achieving our first badge!  


Here is a photo of Olivia checking out our new class pets... 3 beautiful cold water fish.  (We haven't decided on names yet but if you ask us on Friday we'll definitely be able to tell you!)


New Friends 480x640

Watch this space to find out if we can make a house fly!!


We had a very exciting (and a little time-consuming) homework for the past few weeks and we amazed Miss O'Neill and the other Beoley Staff with our creations.  The brief was to design a perfect destination and just look at what we created!! 


Alishas Fairy World 640x480


Alisha's Fairy World


Ross Candy World 640x480


Ross' Candy World


Brendans Giant Land 640x480


Brendan's Giant Land


Charlies World 480x640


Charlie's World


Bethanys America Candy Jungle World 480x640


Bethany's America Candy Jungle World


Jacks Fantasy Land 640x480


Jack's Fantasy Land


Lewis Sweet World2 640x480


Lewis' Sweet World


Byrons Sporty Island 640x480


Byron's Sporty Island



18th March

Last week, we had lots of fun with our Griffins.  Meg set us a challenge: to write the next chapter of her story - Griff Griffiths and the Griffin.  After we had made our own Griffin we began to act out what we thought would happen next.  Here is Chloe and Evie showing us a freeze frame of what they thought might happen next!


Chloe Evie and Hex 640x480


Here is the chapter that we wrote collaboratively: 


Chapter 3 – School

Hurriedly, Griff ran through the school gates, desperate to get into the class room before the doors were locked. Unfortunately, the head teacher had already turned the key in the lock.  Griff was stuck! 


Suddenly, Griff spotted an open window however it was the window for the meanest teacher in school's classroom - Mrs Moody.  Griff could hear her shouting loudly at Greg, " You are a stupid child Greg Griffiths! Get out of my classroom!"   Griff thought again about using that window.  He began to search for another entry point but sadly there was no sign of a way in.  Just then Greg stomped out of the school door "Woah, hold the door!!" shouted Griff.  Without warning Mrs Moody followed Greg out of the school door and almost at the same time Hex flew from Griff's pocket and landed in her hair (it could easily have been mistaken for a birds nest!) and he began to jab at her head. 

"Ouch! Ouch! Yeoooooowwww!!" she screeched.

"HEX! HEX! HEX!" screamed Griff in the direction of Mrs Moody "That'll teach you a lesson!" he whispered to himself. 

"Get your bottoms into this school at this instant!  I'm sure the headteacher and your parents would like to hear about th......YEOOOOOOOOOW!!!" demanded Mrs Moody.  "And get this stupid bird off my head!  Now!".




11th March

Yesterday we met Meg Harper - an author!  She has written lots of nice stories for children and young adults!  

We really enjoyed the start of her new story (it's still a work in progress!) 'Griff Griffiths and the Griffin'.  The story is about a young boy called Griff who finds a Griffin, Hex, in his garden.  We put our imagination caps on and began to dramatise what we thought might happen next!  Here are some of our freeze frames:


Brendan and Evie Freeze 640x480


Chloe Freeze 480x640


Harry and Charlie Freeze 480x640



Today we have been creating our own Griffins - Miss O'Neill has found some protection for her head...just in case they're hungry!


Tin hat 640x480


9th March

We've had a couple of very busy weeks since we came back from half term!!


We've been doing lots of exciting things!  

In Science we have been looking at 'Changing Matter'.  Have you ever experienced what happens when you mix cornflour and water together?  We had lots of fun exploring the properties of this mixture!


Science Changing matter 480x640


We've been looking for the first signs of spring on our Thrilling Thursday afternoons  - we found snowdrops, daffodil and bluebell shoots, buds on the trees and even some birds nesting!


first signs of spring 640x480


Group photo 640x480 




In P.E. we have been studying dance.  We used a dice to decide which element of dance we should include and in what order!  We produced some fantastic dances at the end of the lesson!


Bethany Byron and Nathan 640x480Brendan Evie and Jake 640x480Harry Jack and Hayden 640x480




24th February

Welcome back from Half Term!  We hope you had lots of rest and plenty of fun! :)


Today we've been looking at the second part of our topic  - World Travellers.


We have discussed what we would need to take if we were going on an around the world adventure and we had lots of good ideas!  Our passports, clothes, sun screen etc. 


Here is a photo of some of us packing a case for Miss O'Neill - we made sure she had her favourite teddy!! :)


World Traveller 2 640x480



14th February

                              Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

We hope you enjoyed your chocolate truffles as much as we enjoyed making them!!


Valentines Day 3 480x640Valentines Day 4 480x640


13th February

Wow!!  We are just back from our treasure hunt trek! We were hunting for pongy, sticky, squidgy, rough and pointy things - and we found loads!!


Thrilling Thursday1 640x480Thrilling Thursday 2 640x480


12th February

We've been celebrating our successes today!! Here is a photo of Hazel class with their certificates.  It has been a long half term but we've had lots of fun! :)


Hazel Celebrations 640x392


3rd February

It’s Arts Week Chaos in Hazel Class this week with our artist for inspiration  - Andy Warhol we are taking on a Pop Art theme, all about superheroes!  We have been writing and illustrating comics, designing masterpieces for our art gallery on Friday and even perfecting our photography skills!!  


Chloe Mia Eleanor and Charlie 640x480



Rhythm 640x541


Harry and Jake 640x480


Chloe and Eleanor 640x480




Byton Ross Peter and Harry 640x480

27th January

This week we went on a VERY MUDDY walk up to St Leonard’s Church in search of snowdrops, they were only in bud when we were there, but we’re hoping that they will be out in bloom this weekend!  



Girls outdoors 480x640



Outdoors 640x480



20th January

This week we’ve been really busy with science experiments and topic work - we devised an experiment to keep Miss O’Neill’s cup warm and decided that a mix of tin foil and bubble wrap would be best!  In our topic lessons we have looked at Egyptian hierarchy: we found out that the levels in society could be represented in a pyramid shape.


On our Thrilling Thursday afternoon this week we built rafts; after all that rain earlier in the week we thought we'd better test out our boat building abilities - just in case!  



 WooHoo 640x480

 It was raining outside so we had a dance PE lesson instead!  We learnt lots of new steps! :)

13th January

This week it was the Young Voices Choir at LG Arena!  Lots of our class were involved so those of us that were left behind had fun learning to sign, and creating characters on our Thrilling Thursday afternoon with Year 4.  Here is Brendan and Byron with their fish.

Those of us from Hazel Class that went to Young Voices had an amazing time, we want to say a HUGE thank you to Miss Holmes for helping us learn all of the songs, and to Miss Davies, Mrs Marshall and Miss Hall, for taking us to the LG Arena.



binoculars 640x480



Olivia 640x480

 The stream was a bit too high for us to cross through, so we decided to use the bridges and keep our feet dry!



7th January

WOW!!  What a busy week we have had -  a new year and a new teacher!  Our classroom is looking quite different and we’re excited to get all of our work up on the walls!  This week we have started to look at our topic: ‘World explorers - In search of Egypt’.  We found out that Egypt is in Africa, and it has a long river running through it called the River Nile.  We also found out that Ancient Egyptians worshipped kings called pharaohs.  

On our Thrilling Thursday afternoon this week we went bird spotting, we were a bit early for the RSPB’s bird watch but we were really enthusiastic and noticed lots of birds, some Starlings, Pigeons and even a Buzzard.


Gate Keeper 480x640

 Jack was our gate-keeper!  He had the very important job of making sure everyone got across the bridge! 



Whole Class 640x480

We were enjoying our trek!! 





Long Term Plan 2013-2014 


Welcome to a new year in Hazel Class! We are settling in well and having fun.  It's only been a few weeks and we are enjoying our lessons.  Some people go to Mrs Sweeney for Maths and English and it is brilliant.  Our first topic is the Village Settlers and it is different in Year 3 because we get to choose what we learn and we work independently.  We made viking houses and longships with our learning partners and it was very difficult and fiddly.

In Science we are looking at how plants grow well.  In Thrilling Thursdays (outdoor learning) we have been weeding, looking at roots and growing seeds from apples, plums and peaches.  We have been growing carrot, beetroot and parsnip tops.

We are learning French with Mrs Sweeney - we can say Bonjour, Comment ca va?, ca va bien merci and Je m'appelle. We have counted up to twenty too. We do RE with Mrs Hotchin and have been learning about the Harvest.

In PE we have been learning how to play skittleball.

So far we have enjoyed Year 3 it is excellent, fantastic and terrific!!

We've been in Year 3 a few weeks now.  On Thursday we went on a big walk, we were looking for seeds - acorns, horse chestnuts, hawthorns and sycamore unfortunately we couldn't find any sycamore or horse chestnuts.  The weather was lovely and we lay on the grass and some people played 'hibernating hedgehogs'. We were really lucky with the weather because it has been quite rainy.

Welcome back to the new half term!!

We have started a new topic in Science - moving and growing.  We are learning about our skeletons, the names of the bones and what job the skeleton does.

We have also started our DT topic on packaging - so far we have looked at lots of different packaging and what makes a good package.  We have thought about color, font and packaging nets.  We are looking forward to designing and making our own packaging.

But the big news is ........ WE HAVE OUR PARTS FOR THE PANTOMIME CINDERELLA!!!!!!

We are busy learning our lines and are looking forward to beginning rehearsals.  We are looking forward to getting parts like the Year 4s next year  - we think its going to be Jack and the Beanstalk.

In PE this half term we are doing gym - so far we have thought about balancing and moving.  We have worked individually, in pairs and in fours.  The four work was the most tricky because we had to work as a team!

 It is the end of our first term in Year 3.  We loved being in the pantomime and we hope you all enjoyed seeing it.  We can't wait until Year 4 when we have the main parts!  We have had lots of fun in the run up to Christmas.  There has been the carol service, the trip to sleeping beauty at the Palace Theatre, the Christmas lunch and the Christmas party!  We have made cards, calendars and baubles.  We can't wait until Christmas it is so close now.

Come back to our page in 2013 and see all the exciting things we will be doing next term!

Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

 Welcome back to a New Year in Hazel Class - it is February already we have been so busy.  Our new topic has been the Tudors we have been learning lots of things and painted some fantastic pictures for our Tudor Gallery.  We are doing our class assembly about the Tudors on February 15th we are getting it all sorted out and have some great songs to sing.

We are swimming this term we go to Abbey Stadium with the Year 1 children.  It is great fun and we see Mrs Goodman which is really good.

Today we had a special assembly and Fay and Boon came to visit us and tell us about Chinese New Year.  The new year will be the Year of the Snake.  We found out that we are either born in the Year of the Monkey or the Rooster - Mrs Hotchin is the Year of the Dragon.

It will soon be half term and it is a very short time until Easter so we have lots to pack in before then so we will be very busy!. 

 Welcome back after half term. We really enjoyed our fantastic Tudor Assembly.  We have put some photos of it on our page and of the brilliant Tudor paintings that we did. We wish we could still learn about the Tudors but our new topics are Magnets and Springs and Friction in Science.  But in outdoor learning we are going to make Tudor houses so that will be fun. We are still learning Spanish with Mrs Sweeney and have half a term left of swimming.

We have been learning about Easter in RE and this week we thought about what we could give up for Lent.      

We are reaching half term now - there is only one more half term left before we finsh in Year 3. Yesterday we went on a whole school trip to Dudley Zoo.  The trip was awesome, fantastic, exciting and perfect.  We saw epic sea lions, lovely lions, meerkats, cool monkeys, fast kookaburras. jumpy lemurs and terrific tigers.  We are learning about teeth and eating in Science and in our outdoor learning we have been doing habitats.

Come back and see what we do in our final half term before we go into Year 4.  We will be doing a secret rap.....shhhhhh!    Back this half term we have started a new topic called Village in India.  So far we have learnt the capital of India is New Delhi and we have used atlases to find countries around India.  We will be comparing England to India.

We are practising the rap.....ssshhhh!

Some of us are looking forward to country dancing at St Leonards fete on Saturday, we hope the weather is fine.   We have started practising for Sports Day 

we hope the weather will be good for that too! We are enjoying rounders in PE - Mrs Sweeney says we are getting really good now. 





Welcome to a new Year in Hazel Class!!!


We have just started in Year 3 and we think Hazel Class is really fun.  We are learning about World War II which is really interesting.  We have brought all types of things in for our display.  We do Maths and English everyday and some of us go to Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor.  We do PE on a Wednesday and a Friday and at the monent we are playing bench ball which is brilliant fun.  We sit on chairs all the time!!  The work is a bit harder but we are enjoying it.  We are looking forward to our first Thrillling Thursday. Come back soon and see what we think as we settle in to Year 3.



We have been Year 3 for nearly four weeks now.  We went on a very long walk in our first Thrilling Thursdays and have done a scavenger hunt.  We are making Anderson shelters and gas masks next.  We are enjoying Display and Discuss bringing in very interesting things.  We have watched Goodnight Mr Tom and Carrie's War for our World War 2 topic.


In PE we have been able to play outside and we have been playing skittle ball.  The weather has been great. We are looking forward to doing Bhangra dancing and drumming we are doing workshops and a concert for our parents.


Welcome back after half term!  It's pantomime time - we are looking forward to our auditions and can't wait to find out what parts we will be getting.  Our new Science topic will be Electricity and conductors and we will be doing some Celtic Art and making money containers.  There will be lots of Christmas activities to look forward to like going to the Redditch pantomime, the Carol service and the Christmas Party.  Come back and see what an exciting half term it will be!!


We have had a great half term - the pantomime was brilliant, we hope you were able to come and see it.  We are looking forward to next year when we have the main parts!  We enjoyed our Science topic of electricity and conductors and we learnt about Celtic Art.  We had good fun with our DT topic - making money containers.


When it was nearly Christmas we made our cards and calendars and had a brilliant time at the Pantomime in Redditch.  We have a lovely Christmas lunch and also the fab Christmas party to look forward to!!


We have some exciting news too - we will have a new teacher after Christmas, she is called Miss O'Neill and we are looking forward to her teaching us.  Come back and see us in the New Year and see what fabulous things we are doing with Miss O'Neill.


(Mrs Hotchin wishes everyone a Happy 2014 and all the very best for the future.  Work hard Year 3 you'll all be great!!)