Beech Class 2013-14

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We have been looking at our shadows for our science topic ,we were amazed to see that they changed position and shrunk !






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 Summer Terminspire georgia 640x480

We had a great time at the Inspire Workshop when we made a whole class book. You can decide which journey to take through the book ,so you never quite know where it will end !



Well I can't believe Beech are in their final term at school. They have had such a busy year so far. After a fun packed trip to Malvern, Easter term ended with a fabulous science week with lots of exciting experiments and rocks from the moon to explore !!  Good job we had the Easter holidays to recover from all the excitement.

Summer term has started with some special visitors who are here to stay , the chickens ! We have named ours Freckle, you'll see why when you meet her !


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 We have just come back from half term and our topic is the Egyptians we know how they made the pyramids and what their jobs were. But there's something we are all excited about that is our extraordinary , thrilling Malvern trip !  We can't wait. In DT we are focusing on Pop-up books and looking at all the mechanisms so soon we can make our own Pop-up books!



We have had a busy term so far . Arts week was great fun ,we had a trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where we found some amazing paintings and also spotted some Egyptian mummies. Back at school we had a David Hockney inspired week, we finished with our own art gallery in Beech Class. We  were also lucky to have a jewellery workshop morning where we learnt about the different techniques used in making silver jewellery. 

  jewellery making 2014

We have had our Inspire Maths Morning where we were involved in making pyramids and giant tetrahedrons,glad our parents and relatives came to help us !

maths inspire yr 4 1

Its Mrs Smith here... in my first post to the Beech Class page. I wanted to say thankyou to everybody, both staff and children for making me feel so welcome as I take up my new job, covering Mrs Sweeney's maternity leave.

Beech Class and I already get on very well and we have decided that our new Year's resolution is "To work rapidly and challenge ourselves," and so far thats exactly what we have done!

We have started our fabulous new topic, "World Explorers - In search of Egypt", and hope to post lots of exciting news soon. :-)


We have had a very busy half term and can't wait to tell you all about it!!!!!

 We have been learning all about World War Two and we went to Coventy to see both the Herbet Art Gallery and Transport Museum.

 First we went  to the Transport Museum then we went into The Blitz Experience that made lots of us shiver. Later we went into an Anderson Shelter and saw how much damage bombs made.Afterwards we went into a classroom to look at evacuee suitcases.A minute later we did some Drama and Lucy,Cristina,Wolfie and Mrs Sweeney had to pick a child to take.After that we walked over to the Herbet Art Gallery and we walked down to a public air raid shelter.


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Bhangra Dancing and Drumming

We performed some Bhangra dancing and drumming on Wednesday night.We all started it on the 3rd of October!It was really fun!

We learnt that Punjab means five rivers, also the drum was called a dhol. The things we used to play were called a tilli and a dugha. Then on the 9th of October we started practising at Crown Meadow School to perform to other schools.


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M and M Productions!

We had a great performance from M and M Productions!They did  Pinocchio!The actors did fabulous singing!It was a fabulous, outstanding performance! It was very funny too!

Outdoor learning

In Outdoor Learning we were making Anderson Shelters to do with our World War II topic. The first time we did our designs. Then the second time we made our Anderson Shelters.And last but not least we painted them. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!



Tag Rugby


In P.E. we're doing tag rugby and a tag rugby teacher named Ron has been teaching us.We all enjoy doing it because  it's really fun.

We play against each other and practise our passes. We love tag rugby!!!


 Christmas Play!!!!!!

Jack and the Beanstalk is our next show! We are very excited. We did our auditions on Monday the 11th of November.

Now our parts! We are very, very excited!!!! On the 28th of  November the stage is going up. It's 4 weeks to go! Everyone in year three and four.

 Tag  rugby tornament

 On Monday 25th November 10 people went to another school for a tag rugby tornament. There was six other schools there and we came second.The ten people were: Megan, Eleanor, Gemma, Cristina, Wolfie, Joe, Dan, Sam, Byron and Brendan. We had lot's of fun!

 Pantomime Rehearsals

We have been rehearsing the play and most of us have learnt the songs.Also year 2's have got thier parts.Everybody has got a great parts . It's going to be great!

 P.E. day

On Tuesday 26th November a man came to our school and did a great P.E. lesson with us.He taught us new games and new skills.


In year 4 we get 4 new newspapers every week.They really update us.We love doing crosswords , spot the differences and other games. They are great!


 We have also been practising our choir songs. We're having lots of fun. We are learning the songs for the performance at the LG arena in Ja


Coming up to Christmas and the new year !

 In our classrooms we have been making our 2014 calenders and Christmas cards. We are being so creative with our designs. We are looking forward to showing our parents and relatives.

Mystery teacher

Mrs Smith is our new teacher in Year 4 aswell as Mrs Taylor.On Monday the 9th of December she came to teach us!We learnt a new song that we really enjoyed it. After lunch we made our 2014 calenders. We really enjoyed our day. Thank you Mrs Smith!

Carol service

Next week we are doing a nativity at the church that the brillant Oak children are acting out.The rest of the school will be singing some carols. Please come and watch!!!!!!

The bauble contest is on

The Christmas tree is up!!! Next week on Friday Miss Davies is judging our baubles. Each year there's a winner in every class. Good luck Beech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Long Term Plan 2013-2014


July 12th


On Tuesday we all went Bell boating it was extremely fun and we all got splashed [which was very nice in the hot sun.]


Beoley A came 2nd 3 times and Beoley B came last 2 times and 2nd 1 time. None of us came in the final but we all enjoyed it and that is the main thing. We have just had our whole school sports day it was very close between Green team and Blue team there was only 7 points between them.


The first race was the sprint then the skipping next egg and spoon then bean bag relay next it was the throwing then it was the sack then the mixed relay.


We are having our leavers BBQ tonight and the weather forcast is supposed to be brilliant, so we will tell you more when we have had the exciting event!


June 24th 


We have lots of exciting things to tell you! We have all been to Dudley Zoo. We saw lots of exciting


 animals and some of us had never seen them before. We all learnt lots of exciting facts and we all loved it!


Emily said: "I enjoyed every bit even when the bird pooed on me! But luckily it didnt get my doughnut!"


We had an Inspire Workshop and all of us had a parent to come to school  and help us do work.


We all made pizza it was really nice !


Jacob said: It was really yummy and I would have it every day if I could!


We all took part in Bike Ability. It was fabulous and we all could ride a bike [thank goodness for that!]


Charlie said: It was amazing and  have learnt lots of new things!


We are doing Sports day practice because it is not this Tuesday but next Tuesday we are all very excited.


We are also having a dance day tomorrow where class by class perform a dance in front of evryone that they have learnt!


Teagan said: I can't wait!  


This is one last thing to tell you now: we are having another Inspire Workshop on Wednesday where we will be doing something to do with instructions and 


Mrs Sweeney Said: "Bring trainers " So we are all very excited and want to know what else we will be doing!


We will write again when we have done some more exciting things  Bye for now!!! 


March 2013


Today we did our Malvern assembly!!!!


We all enjoyed doing it and every person in the audience loved it. We sang Ain't no moutain high  enough


which reminded us of Malvern. We did favourite parts, funny parts and feelings. We had the Malvraps , Lani's poem and Lia's and Kelly's poem. They were all great.


Mrs Woodbine put lots of decorations up for us and we all are very greatful. Thank you to Mrs Sweeney aswell for doing the script. We all had a special sparkly sticker from Mrs Sweeney and even Mrs Woodbine and Mrs Sweeney had  one.Thank you everyone who was involved in the assembly including the audience!!!!!!


We are also having an Inspire Workshop next Monday and we are all looking forward to it. We will put some more on about the workshop when we have had it.



March 2013

Today we did our Malvern assembly!!!!

We all enjoyed doing it and every person in the audience loved it. We sang Ain't no moutain high  enough

which reminded us of Malvern. We did favourite parts, funny parts and feelings. We had the Malvraps , Lani's poem and Lia's and Kelly's poem. They were all great.

Mrs Woodbine put lots of decorations up for us and we all are very greatful. Thank you to Mrs Sweeney aswell for doing the script. We all had a special sparkly sticker from Mrs Sweeney and even Mrs Woodbine and Mrs Sweeney had  one.Thank you everyone who was involved in the assembly including the audience!!!!!!

We are also having an Inspire Workshop next Monday and we are all looking forward to it. We will put some more on about the workshop when we have had it. 

March 2013 

This week has been a very busy week for the year 4's

because we went to Malvern!!!!!!!

We went to Malvern with Miss Davies and Mrs Woodbine. 

When we got to Malvern they put us in groups

Miss Davies was with group one and Mrs woodbine was with group 2.

Group 1 first activities were the zip wire and archery.

Group 2 first activities were the archery and quadpole.

We also had 2 evening activities the 1st one was nightwalk

that was so much fun, but VERY cold!!!!!!Smile

and punch it with a punch that was like a stapler. 

That is all we have to tell you because otherwise we will fill the whole page 

but if you want to find out more you can look at our Malvern board.

February 2013

We've had a busy few weeks since our last update! We've been taking part in football and hockey tournaments and two of us went to a Dance Workshop at Finstall First School.

The football took place at Parkside Middle School in Bromsgrove. We were placed in teams with children from different schools, the teams were named after countries and we took part in the tournament.

The Quicksticks Hockey took place at Bromsgrove School. The children played in two different teams. The green Beoley team won! Congratulations! Thank you to the family members who helped with lifts.

The Eco Committee visited the Worcester Resource Exchange with Miss Davies, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Johnson this week. They went to collect resources for our Eco Day tomorrow! Look out for a picture in the Standard!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to an exciting new year in Beech Class! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have enjoyed the snow...there may be more to come!

Our topics this Half Term include the Tudors and Magnets and Springs. We are also learning Spanish...hola! We are doing gym and dance in PE and have football and hockey tournamments coming up.

We had great fun making sculptures in the snow this week...we just need some more for our outdoor sessions now!

Some of us went to see Magic Russ and Dave the Dog after school yesterday. Lia said "It was brilliant because it was funny" Joshua thought it was fantastic because he got to spin plates on stage.

20th November 

We are all very excited as we have now been given our parts for the school production of Cinderella! We are now practising our lines and can't wait for you to come and see the end result!

Year 4 went to North Bromsgrove School yesterday and took part in a Sing Up workshop. Billy said "It was fantastic!" We learnt four songs. Our favourite was 'Aint No Mountain High Enough' Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Woodbine even had to get up on stage!

We held a very successful Open Day. We are all very proud of our Year 4 children who took parents on tours of the school and told them everything they could ever want to know about Beoley First School! Well done Beech Class. Joshua said "Open Day was fabulous!"

Years 3 and 4 took part in a tag rugby tournament last week. The coaches from Kings Norton Rugby Club came in to referee and out of the six teams the Red Bulls were the winners. Jim and Will from the club were kind enough to come in to Celebration Assembly yesterday to present the children with their certificates and the Red Bulls with their shield. Stacy said "The rugby tournament was amazing" Beech Class would like to thank Mrs Allen and Kings Norton Rugby Club for organising it for us.


17th October 2012

We had a fabulous time yesterday when M and M Productions came to school to perform Jack and the Beanstalk for us! Our favourite characters were Jack, Jill, Mrs Trot and Squire Bogee. Our favourite  parts were when Numpty started crying, the key falling down from the sky, Diddles chasing the Squire and Jack and the giant peeping through the letter box.

Aimee said "It was fabulous!"

"I thought it was very interesting because of all the different characters" Zak.

"The finale was amazing!" Billy.

We have enjoyed looking at the books for sale in the Book Fair. This is on until this afternoon.

We did some leaf rubbing in Outdoor Learning on Thursday. Come and have a look at our fabulous display!

Don't forget Open Day on November 6th where we will be opening a French Cafe for all our visitors.

We have been doing some Viking loom weaving using egg boxes and natural materials. These are also on our display.

8th October 2012

It's been a very busy start to our time in Year 4!

Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Woodbine are thrilled with how well we have settled in and with how grown up we all seem to be! Our monitor jobs are going well and we are enjoying the new challenges in our work.

Our topic this half term is Village Settlers. We have been busy making Viking houses and longships, which was very fiddly! All of us have enjoyed researching this topic and have brought in some very interesting things for us to look at.

We have been learning lots of French and can now greet each other, count to ten (or twenty in some cases!) and name some family members.

Our Thrilling Thursday sessions have been outstanding! We have made scarecrows, planted vegetables, cleared an area for growing and searched for different types of trees.

Thomas said "Life in Year 4 is fantastic because I am enjoying the Maths."

"I really enjoy the topic that we are doing in Year 4 and how we made the houses." Charlie.

"I enjoy doing tag rugby in Year 4 because it is a fun activity to do with the class." Teagan.

"I am enjoying the awesome English and Maths in Year 4."

We hope you all enjoyed the Harvest Festival which was about water. We worked very hard to learn our lines and Mrs Sweeney was very proud that we knew them off by heart.

18th July

 We have really enjoyed practising for the leavers service.

6th July


On wednesday we went to do bellboting and it was great. We all enjoyed it even though it rained we still enjoyed it.

Chloes coment the funnyist part was when she dropped her paddle in the lake and also it was sinking.

On thursday we went to forge mill and we all went in the museums. we all tried helmets and armour and it was really heavy. 

26th June

 A few weeks ago (as you know) we did our malvern assembly. We thourght that it was extremly great and we really enjoyed it. Before the assembly we all felt very nervous.After the assembly (if you were not there) we showed our parents our folders when we were at malvern.


 We are doing a brizilian dance in front of the whole school soon we are very excited.



Next Tuesday on the 3rd of july is sports day

everyone is so nervous and excited we are doing running,skipping,egg and spoon,long jump and throwing.


last Thursday we went on a walk with the year threes to the amphitheatre in church hill for our topic about the romans. we had lots of fun we did lots of roll play and sketching some people was betending to be emparors,slaves,chariot races and gladiators. For sketching we draw the steps and all different shaped trees.

I think you remember the dancing we were doing we did it at the end of the day and the oher classes was really good but we think we had the fastest dance in the school but even though it was fast we still enoyed it.  

Fact of the weekFact of the week

 chloes paddle got stuck in the bush.

In languages we are doing German because we have finished Spanish.

We have learnt how to say the numbers,days,months,season. colours in German.

Jasmine knows how to say number 3 in German. "Dreis."we all  thought German was really fun we now can all count up to 20 in German and we played bingo but with the German numbers it was really fun a few people won but we all had fun.

In DT with Mrs Talyor we are going to make pop up books this group with Eleanor Isabel Josie and Darcey (me) our group is doing a space pop up book and every group has lots of ideas  and are finding bits and bobs to go in the book to make it look brillant!

In P.E we made our own game up called the rotator finlay thought of that name we all enjoyed playing it there were two teams and a ball and two goal keepers we had to get the ball to our goal keeper. With this lovely weather it is really fun to plat and we can do it outside. Yesterday we did a experiment it was that we put water in 8 different cups and checked how warm it was we then put the cups in 8 dfferent places left them for 30 mins and checked them again the warmest one was in the tepee at 30 degrees the coldest one was in the fridge at 13 degrees we had fun predicting the temperatures and the experiment and everything it was such fun we recorded everythind down in our science bookLaughing


30th April 2012


Our new teacher on Fridays, Mrs Taylor, came in on 20th of April. She is very kind and clever. She has been here for two weeks now. We are doing the Egyptians. We do english, maths and topic with her. In maths we are doing rotational symmetry.We have been doing homophnes.

In our topic we have been doing Egyptians. We have learnt about Tutankhamun he became pharoh at the age of nine years old! We did a map of Egypt and put parts of Egypt in the right place.We have really enjoyed learning about the Eygiptians.

We have been making pyramds and going on walks. We had to work in pairs and it was really fun.



19th March 2012

 We had a fabulous time in Malvern! We all enjoyed the activities that

included the night walk, quad pole, zip wire, high and low bridges, rock

climbing, archery, tunnels, punch trail, problem solving, night line and low ropes.

Holly's favourite activity was rock climbing because she went really high up.

Josie loved the Indiana Jones bridge because it was very high and scary.

Jamie's was the problem solving because he found it challenging.

A huge thank you to Mrs Woodbine and Miss Davies for taking us.

The day after we returned from Malvern was our trip to the Big Bang Science Show!

We had conversations with Oscar the robot, saw the presenters from the television show and

took part in lots of exciting activities. We even saw a Formula One car and created energy with Shell!

1st March 2012

St. David's Day

This week Nick from the Malvern Outdoor Centre came into school to tell us all about what we will be doing there. We had to put some of the equipment on including helmets, waterproofs and harnesses. It was very funny! We had some team challenges to make shapes out of rope. His visit helped us to understand more about the centre and now we really can't wait! When we go we are going to go on the zipwire, the obstacle course and the bridges and we are looking forward to the night walk.

We have been using our bodies to make different shapes and words in gym in PE.

We have also been writing poetry about our favourite things in English. Darcey wrote about hedgehogs and cats and Tia wrote about fairies.

We have been working with and finding out about our learning partners. Jasmine thinks that working with learning partners is good to help us to find out more about each other.

23rd February 2012

Welcome to our first entry as a class! We are very excited to tell you that we will be providing you with regular updates about what we have been doing in Beech class.

We have decided to call our outdoor sessions Thrilling Thursdays. We have been making bird food using popcorn, raisins and fat balls and have been on welly, twig and leaf hunts. We were lucky enough to go for a walk in the snow before Half Term because Mrs Woodbine has finished her First Aid training and had great fun making snow angels on the hill! We also spotted a badger's footprint in the snow! Thrilling Thursdays links in with our Environment topic work.

Mrs Sweeney is very pleased to be back and is enjoying teaching us. She is especially impressed with our Maths skills.

We are looking at Changing Materials in Science and can't wait for our visit to the Big Bang Live in Birmingham, where we will hopefully see lots of exciting Science and Technology activities. We have written thank you letters to Mettis Aerospace, who have very kindly paid for our coaches. Look out for an article in the Standard!

We are extremely excited about our trip to Malvern and can't wait to meet Nick from the centre, who is coming to school on Monday to talk to us about our activities and answer any questions that we might have.

Holly said "I'm really looking forward to going to Malvern because I can't wait to go on the zipwire!"

Hello and welcome to Beech class.  

We can't believe how quickly this term has gone so far! We have lots of exciting things to tell you though. 

Open day was a huge success and lots of parents liked having us take them on a tour of the school and we enjoyed doing it. We put together a French café in the hall, where we spoke to the parents in French and offered them drinks and cakes. We even made our own tartes aux pommes to tempt parents with.

We enjoyed doing Squash in PE. We even had a tournament in the last session! The winners and runners up were given medals and we all said that we would like to play some more squash in the future.

alt  alt

 The parts for the Christmas play have been given out and there have been some surprises for some children in Beech class. We are all very excited about the play though and can't wait to really get going with the rehearsals. We are all frantically learning our lines and some of us even know them all off by heart already! We are looking forward to getting dressed up and going on the stage.


We will let you know how the play goes and what Christmas activities we are doing when we visit our page again.