Wren Class 2015

Summer Term 1


This term our topic is Dinosaurs. Our Outdoor Learning focus is growing and minibeasts.

The children have  already been busy learning about dinosaurs. Our favourite song to sing so far is linked below. We shall add some pictures very soon.









Topic Overview Yr R                        Topric Overview Yr 1



February 2016


On a Monday Mrs Allen is helping us to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh. Over the next few weeks we have finding out about his life and his paintings.

This is what we have done so far. We shall add some more as we continue to explore his work and techniques.


van gogh1 van gogh2




       Yr R Overview            Yr 1 Overview


Well we have been busy!


We have been lucky enough to go to Sandwell Valley Country Park. It was a fantastic day and we all took part in some great activities. We explored the park and the bird watching areas, including spending time in the hide by the lake. I am sure the RSPB volunteers were amazed with our spotting skills.


sand 1 sand 2 sand 3 

sand 4 sand 5 sand 9 


We also took part in orienteering and den building. Inside we created our own bird feeders which we finished at school the next day. It was a lovely busy day and we would recommend you visit. 


sand 13 sand 12 

sand 11 sand 10 

sand 8 sand 6 

bird1 bird2 bird3 bird4



This week we have been creating our own dens and using the bird hide made by Robin Class. We were able to spot some birds in the field. 


birdwatching 1 

den1 den2



Our topic book this week is Superworm by Juila Donladson. We have been taking about what characteristics a super hero needs. By reading Superworm we came up with many adjectives. 


stick hero worms 29.02 1 480x640 


We have also made our own super sticks! Making the Stickman character into a superhero! 




In school, our outdoor learning has been great fun. The weather has been cold and really windy so we made our own wind sticks. We attached ribbons and held them up to find out which direction the wind was blowing.

DSCN0079 640x480 DSCN0082 640x480




23.11.15 Our trip to Tamworth Castle


Today we went to Tamworth Castle. We all took part in activities and enjoyed a tour around the castle. Reception children listened to a story about Ruby the Castle Dragon. Ruby collected sparkly items and we went on a hunt around the castle to track her down. First we found a green egg! On the way we spotted lots of dragon poo!



Tamworth castle 2  Tamworth castle 3  Tamworth castle 4  Tamworth castle 1


Eventually, we found her, asleep in Lady Ferrers' bedroom. We had great fun and really enjoyed our visit. Thank you to the staff at Tamworth Castle.


Tamworth castle 5  Tamworth castle 6  

WE 20.11.15

Wren class have been really enjoying our story about Hector and the Big Bad Knight. We have been looking at all the adjectives within the story and thought of our own for each of the characters. Year 1 children were reading part of the text to identify the different punctuation and find words with contractions.

As part of our Outdoor adventures we made our own napsacks and went on a walk. In them we placed bread, cups, bowls and cutlery to have our homemade soup with.


We had great fun making our soup, talking about different vegetables, peeling and chopping them ready to cook. It tasted delicious!!!

soup 20.11 1  soup 20.11 2  soup 20.11 3 


We also went on a treasure hunt with clues to find and answers which made our end words. Well done children, a great use of your phonics and some brilliant team work!


Outdoors 20.11 1  outdoors 20.11 2  outdoors 20.11 3  outdoors 20.11 4 


We have a new favourite story! Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex Smith is just brilliant! We have been reading the story this week and all our work has been around the story. We shall add some of our work next week.


Year 1 have been working on split diagraphs. Homework on Education City supports our work in class.

Reception have learnt some new sounds too! If you need to know the how to pronounce the letter sounds click here.




A new term and already we have been busy. Outr topics for this half term are Castles and Festivals.


Reception                                       Year 1


Last week we had great fun exploring fireworks. We learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate with fireworks. We talked about all the lovely foods we have durring the celebrations and also how we need to keep safe. On Friday we built a fire in the fire pit and toasted marshmallows and heated water to make delicious hot chocolate! we then each had a sparkler! It was very exciting, but we followed our safety rules to keep us safe.


Nove firepit 1  Nov firepit 3  Nov firepit 4  Nov firepit 5  Nov firepit 6  Nov firepit 9  Nov firepit 10  Nov firepit 11  


Nov firepit 13


Reception children are getting ready to read. We have been reading lots of stories, listening to rhyme and nursey songs and recalling beats. Today we met 'The Robinson Family' the main characters in one of our reading schemes. Children will be taking home discussion books and games to play. 


    Get to know The Robinson Family click the image below.


ort family


Year 1 children are working on Phase 5 of 'Letters and Sounds'. The sounds we have covered so far include ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw, wh. ph. Children can use their school logins to access the 'Letters and Sounds' on Education City.


Sorry we haven't been online recently - we've just been so busy in Wren Class!  Here are a few photos of our trip to the Police and Fire Hub in Bromsgrove - we all had a fantastic time!  Thank you to PC Sweeney and Mrs Halliwell for organising such an exciting and informative trip  - we learnt lots, including how to put out a fire!


Hub Wren 1 640x480 Hub Wrens 2 640x480 Hub wrens 3 640x480 Hub wrens 4 480x640 Hub wrens 5 480x640 Hub Wrens 6 640x480 Hub Wrens 7 2 640x480 Hub Wren 8 640x480 Hub Wren 9 640x480 Hub Wren 10 640x480 Hub Wren 11 640x480 Hub Wren 12 640x480 Hub Wren 15 480x640 


Hub Wren 13 640x527

 We loved being able to be so hands-on with all of the equipment, cars and uniforms but our favourite part was definitely squirting the hose!


This week we have had a visit from Paramedic Kerry.  She flies with the Midlands Air Ambulance team and took some time out of her day to come and see us.  Kerry brought her land and air uniform and some amazing videos of her aircraft taking off, coming into land and a tour of the inside of her aircraft - we loved learning all about her role in the Air Ambulance team - thank you for visiting us Kerry! 


Wren Class 2015-2016

Welcome to all our new families!

We hope you find our school website informative and hopefully, it will give you an insight to all the fun activities we are part of in school.


Please click on the links below to read our Topic Overviews and see our Timetable.


Year R              Year 1              Timetable 



We have some very exciting activities to try for our new topics Me! and People Who Help Us.


Our New Class Bears!




Outdoor Oscar 2015   

Outdoor Oscar. He is looking forward to going home with children in Wren Class. He loves to have fun in the garden, at the park, reducing, reusing and recycling. He likes to help the plants and vegetables grow and make dens in the garden. We shall find out about his adventures every Monday on his return.


Storytime Sarah Aut 2015 

Storytime Sarah loves to listen to stories. Every weekend she will be going home with a child in Wren class to find out about their favourite story. I am sure she will listen to some all time favourites and some new and interesting books.


What an extremely busy week we have had!

This week we have been getting to know each other and exploring our classroom and outdoor space. We have made lots of new friends and have enjoyed listening to each other during class discussion.

Our role play is a Police Station, we have had fun creating pretend accidents and calling the emergency services (only pretend!). The children have loved getting dressed up and driving bikes and scooters to the scene. We also went on our first outdoor adventures walk. Year 1 children were 'Tree Investigators' and tried to find out which type of trees we have in our school grounds. Reception children were enjoying the bug hunt and pond dipping! We went out of the school grounds and talked about our safety whilst we are out of  school. Alongside our 5-A-Day programe we are also trying Dough Disco with our Reception children, they seem to love the funky moves and music. A brilliant and exhausting week had by all, what will next week bring?

AS Aut 2015 Builders 2 Aut 2015 Builders Aut 2015 Dinners 2 Aut 2015 Dough Disco 1 Aut 2015 Outdoors 1 Aut 2015 Outdoors 2 Aut 2015

 Play 1 Aut 2015 Play 2 Aut 2015 Play 3 Aut 2015 Pond dipping 1 Aut 2015 Pond dipping 2 Aut 2015 Pond dipping 3 Aut 2015 Sandpit Aut 2015

Sorting dinos Aut 2015 Yr 1 tree detectives Aut 2015 LM Aut 2015 




Our topic is all about animals. This week our animal is an elephant. We are learning all about elephants and reading Elmer stories. We are also learning the Nellie the Elephant.


Click here to hear the song. 


We are getting ready to launch our Purple Mash Home/School Learnng Platform. The children in Wren Class have been learning how to programe and debug games. Look out for information on our 'Parent Workshop' and childrens login details.

Wren 2014.15 ICT 1 


Mrs Hancox and Miss Smith came into school with a selection of animals. We had the opportunity to ask questions and pet pigmy goats, lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks. The children have had a fab time.

Wren 2014.15 animals 1 Wren 2014.15 animals 2 Wren 2014.15 animals 3 Wren 2014.15 animals 4


Summer Term 1


Timetable                   Overview Yr R                 Overview Yr 1


Mr Wsie has made us a fire pit. We have been busy collecting and storing wood and designing holders. Mr Wise has been fantastic and made us a stand to cook on. This week marshmallows next week sausages!

 wren 201415 marshmallows


Reverend Paul Irving gave us a detailed tour of St Leonad's Church. We found out lots of interesting information and were able to ask questions about what we see on out trips to the church.

Wren 2014.15 church 1 Wren 2014.15 church 3 Wrten 2014.15 church 2


Inspire workshop was a huge success. Our parents or grandparents came into school for the morning to help us create lots of different phonics resources. We had great fun and we all learnt something new.

Wren 2014.15 inspire 1 Wren 2014.15 inspire 2


Happy Mothers Day

from Wren Class


20150312152135448 0001 451x640 20150312152135448 0002 451x640 20150312152135448 0003 455x640 20150312152135448 0004 451x640 20150312152135448 0005 451x640 20150312152135448 0006 451x640 20150312152135448 0007 451x640 

20150312152135448 0008 451x640 20150312152135448 0009 451x640 20150312152135448 0010 451x640 20150312152135448 0011 451x640 20150312152135448 0012 451x640 20150312152135448 0013 451x640 20150312152135448 0014 451x640 20150312152135448 0015 451x640 20150312152135448 0016 451x640 20150312152135448 0017 451x640 20150312152135448 0018 451x640 20150312152135448 0019 451x640 20150312152135448 0020 451x640 20150312152135448 0021 451x640 20150312152135448 0022 451x640 20150312152135448 0023 451x640 20150312152135448 0025 451x640 20150312152135448 0026 451x640 20150312152135448 0027 451x640 20150312152135448 0028 451x640 20150312152135448 0029 451x640 20150312152135448 0030 451x640 20150312152135448 0031 451x640



Mrs Allen and the children have had an amazing time out on Muddy Mondays. The children have been exploring the mud, some more closely than others!

Muddy mondays spring 2 wren muddy mondays spring 1 Wren muddy mondays spring 9


It has been a little chilly so they had hot chocolate half way through an adventure.


Wren muddy mondays spring 8


Mr Wise has also been busy helping us to create our very own circle with a fire pit! Thank you Mr Wise! The children got very busy toasting marshmallows. The children decided that we would need to create something to hold our pan as we warmed the milk for more hot chocolate. They had some great ideas.

Wren muddy mondays spring 5

 Wren Muddy mondays spring 6 Wren Muddy mondays spring 4


We are learning lots about space and have been in control of shuttle launches in our new role play.


Wren space 1 wren space 2 wren space 3

Due to popular demand I have added a link to the 'Rockin Robot'.  Please click on the link, but you may have to download to your PC. Have fun!!


rockin robot



Our favourite Space song




This term our topic is Space! We are really excited and can't wait to find out information and get creative.


Timetable      Overview Yr R      Overview Yr 1


We all have had an amazing time creating a dance, transforming our classroom and getting dressed up for our Wizard of Oz extravaganza! The children continue to amaze us with their imagination, creativity and determination to put their best into all they do. The children worked very hard to learn songs and practise routines for the performance. Feedback from parents and family was brilliant!


Wizard of oz 1 Wizard of oz 2 Wizard of oz 5 wizard of oz 8 wizard of oz 12 wizard of oz 13 wizard of oz 11


Our visit from Austin the potter was brilliant! We all had fun exploring the clay and creating our own cup. We then gotr creative and made each cup into a character from The Wizard of Oz. We will have them back in a couple of weeks so will post some photos of them then. But these are pictures of us getting creative!


Wren potter 1 Wren potter 2 Wren potter 3

 Wren potter 4


Look out for pictures of our Wizard of Oz extravaganza!!


What a busy few weeks we have had.


Out trip to Birmingham Hippodrome and Birmingham Royal Ballet was amazing! The staff put on some great workshops and we were able to take some of the ideas, dance and music ideas back to school. A huge thank you to the staff for sorting our day. We also got to meet staff and students from Birmingham Metropolitan College. The students came into school to show us their fantastic work and talk about the opportunities they have had. They also worked with children to help create backdrops, staging, tornadoes and even demonstrated different make-up techniques. We would like to thank all those involved. 


Hipp trip 1 Hipp trip 2 Hipp trip 3 Hipp trip 4 Hipp trip 5 Hipp trip 6 Hipp trip 7 Hipp trip 8


A new year and a new topic. This term we are having 2 topics, for the first half our topic shall be Winter and opposites, the second the 'Wizard of Oz'. The second topic will lead upto an extravaganza towards the end of the half term. We shall keep you posted of Wren's part in the production.


Yr R objective overview               Yr 1 objective overview            




Over Christmas we were very busy and very excited. We created christmas lists and wrote to Father Christmas. It was very exciting when the Elves returned his letters and gifts, they left glitter everywhere!

Christmas Wren 2014-18 Christmas Wren 2014-19 Christmas Wren 2014-20

We were part of the school pantomine 'Snow White' and also took part in the retelling of the first Christmas at the church.

Christmas Wren 2014-7  Christmas Wren 2014-8 Christmas Wren 2014-9

Christmas Wren 2014-10 Christmas Wren 2014-11

 Christmas Wren 2014-12 Christmas Wren 2014-13 Christmas Wren 2014-14


We created lots of different things to take home including cards, calendars and decorations.


christmas Wren 2014-1 Christmas Wren 2014-2 Christmas Wren 2014-3 Christmas Wren 2014-4 Christmas Wren 2014-15 Christmas Wren 2014-17 Christmas Wren 2014-16 Christmas Wren 2014-6 Christmas Wren 2014-5 Christmas Wren 2014-21


Our Trip to the Black County Museum.

Today we has an amazing day at the Black County Living Museum. Jackie our guide was brilliant and she and the staff and volunteers were extremely knowledgeable. Our workshop on 'Toy's' with Carol was very interesting and it was great to handle many of the old toys. We left with some great ideas for creating our on toys based on the old ones we played with. It was a great day and we could recommend it to everyone.


BCLM 10 BCLM 11 BCLM 12 BCLM 13 

BCLM 15 BCLM 16 BCLM 18 


Mrs Allen has been teaching us some fabulous skills in the outdoors. The season has changed and the leaves on the trees have fallen. We created some brilliant art work using natural resources.


Wren class took part in a Multi Skills event. We had a great morning and the children learnt some new skills and mastered others. 


Multi skills 1 Multi skills 2 Multi skills 4 Multi skills 5 



For Remembrance Sunday we watched videos and listened to stories about the war and people who were affected by it. We all wore a poppy and were part of the 2 minute silence on the 11th November. As part of the week we painted our own 'Poppy Fields' inspired by Monet. 


Poppies 1 Poppies 2 Poppies 3 Poppies 4 Poppies 5 Poppies 6


We have been very creative over the last 2 weeks. Bonfire Night was brilliant. We talked about Guy Fawkes and the history behind bonfire night celebrations. Children enjoyed apple bobbing and eating marshmallows and making our very own firework pictures and rockets.


Fireworks 3 Fireworks 4 Fireworks 5 fireworks 6


fireworks 8 fireworks 9 Wren Firework 1 Wren Firework 2 Wren firework 3

Wren firework 4


We have had a great week learning about shape. The Reception children made brilliant 2D shape monsters while the Year 1 children made shape mobiles with 3D shapes. The children made labels for their work with shape properties. In our creative work we looked at the work of 'Kandinsky'. As you can see the children have created some amazing work.


Shape 1 shape 3

Kandinsky 1 Kandinsky 2


As part of Book Week we read books by the author 'Valarie Thomas'. She has written some of our favourite stories about Winnie the Witch. We spent all week reading Winnie stories and making Winnie and Wilbur crafts.


Winnie 1 winnie 3 winniw 4


Last term we learnt about the Royal Family. Our favourite book was 'The Queen's Knickers'. The children thought of different knickers to make and send to the Queen. We also wrote letters invinting the Queen to visit and using collage materials we created our own Queen Elizabeth portraits. I am sure she would be very pleased with the results.


Queens knickers 1 Queens knickers 2 Queens Knickers 3 Queens Knickers 4 Queens knickers 6 queens knickers 8




Autumn Term 2


Our topic this term is 'Festivals'. We have lots of exciting activities planned including Christmas. Wren class are already getting excited!

Watch out for information and pictures.


Timetable         Year 1          Year R





Autumn Term 1



Welcome to all the new children and their families!


We have already been busy making new friends and exploring our school. Our topic for this term is People- Our Family and the Royal Family. We have lots of exciting activities planned.

To help you understand what we get up to at school we have added our timetable and curriculum overview. Click on the link to find out more.


Timetable    YrR overview   Yr1 overview


wren aut 1 2  wren aut 1 3



The children have loved going outdoors with Mrs Allen. This term we have been busy exploring our surroundings and the changes that are underway in nature. The children have enjoyed looking at tracks, picking blackberries and acting out stories. The blackberry picking went down well, we had just enough left to make our own blackberry jam which we had on freshly baked scones! Delicious!!

We had a few jars left which we donated to the Macmillan coffee afternoon to raise money.

oak AUT 1 outdoors 1P9150052 480x640 Oak AUT 1 outdoors 2 Oak AUT 1 outdoors 3


Oak AUT 1 scones



In class we have been exploring. Together we created a castle for our role play, but we were missing a moat. Wren class soon came up with some great ideas to create a drawbridge for the moat.


We had a great time exploring measure. We used multilink to measure the classroom and children to measure the lenght of the corridor! Children used a selection of equipment to measure and weigh. The most fun was had when we had to measure each other. Wren class thought Miss Davies was the tallest as she is the Headteacher, but Mrs Marshall is taller than everyone in the school.


Wren Aut 1 measure 1  Wren Aut 1 measure 2


In Early Years on a Friday both Robin and Wren class get together to explore a mini topic. This term our mini topic is linked to traditional tales. Last week we read the story of The Gingerbread Man. We then explored our senses making Gingerbread people with mixed spice playdough and painitng with paint fragranced with coffee, caramel, orange, lemon and mint. We used PVA glue and added herbs and spices to make a rub and sniff card. We explored the materials box and discussed which materials are used for different products and why. We even made feely fingers, with each finger having a different texture. The lightbox was out for us to explore colour changing and create pictures with shadow puppets. It was great fun!

Wren EY Aut 1 senses3 Wren EY Aut 1 senses 1 Wren EY Aut 1 senses 2 Wren EY Aut 1 senses 4


Wren class have also been busy with our 'Strictly Come Dancing Box', our outdoor equipment and in the classroom. Check out our gallery!


This week was Book Week and our author was Valarie Thomas the creator of Winnie the Witch. The children listened to her stories all week and created sock puppets, art work, literacy and made Wilbur shape pictures. We finished of the week with a party to whcih the children came in fancy dress. The costumes were amazing!