Kestrel Class 2015

12th January 2016

Wow! What a fantastic night we had at the Genting Arena, Birmingham. We were lucky enough to sing together along with over 6,000 other children from different schools. Everyone was amazed at just how big the arena was and how many people were there. Miss Holmes was incredibly proud of how well we represented our school and just how beautifully we sang. Our parents came to watch and they too had a wonderful time. This is an experience we will never forget.

DSCN1086 (640x480)DSCN1091 (640x480)DSCN1092 (640x480)DSCN1093 (640x480)DSCN1097 (640x480)DSCN1098 (640x480)P1110127 (640x480)P1110128 (640x480)

We even made it onto the Birmingham Mail website...

bham mail young voices 640x314



We have had a wonderful Christmas break and have come back ready to begin a new topic. This term our topic is based on a book called 'Poles Apart', we are going to be learning about famous world explorers. Below is a link to our topic web for this half term.

Spring 1 Topic Web

Next week, we are taking part in something very exciting...YOUNG VOICES! We have been working hard since September to learn all of the songs and dance moves and we can't wait for the concert at the Genting Arena. Watch this space to find out how we got on...


4th December 2015

This week, we have been travelling around the world, finding out how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.


On Monday, we flew to Mexico and made poinsettia decorations out of toilet rolls.

DSCN0899 (640x480)DSCN0905 (640x480)DSCN0908 (640x480)

On Tuesday, we travelled to Japan. We found out that only 1% of the Japanese population are Christians, so Christmas is more about looking after the elderly, poor and sick. We wanted to make Christmas cards for elderly people living in a Nursing Home which will be delivered later on in the term.

DSCN0920 (640x480)DSCN0921 (640x480)

On Wednesday, we flew to Australia. Did you know that it is too hot in Australia for reindeers so when Father Christmas arrives, he gives them a rest and instead six kangaroos take over? On Thursday, we travelled to Norway, we made the Norwegian version of (non-alcoholic!) mulled wine which is called 'glogg,' which we enjoyed in the outdoor classroom with a mince pie. Yum!

DSCN0963 (640x480)DSCN0964 (640x480)DSCN0967 (640x480)DSCN0970 (640x480)

Finally, on Friday we flew to Argentina, the nativity scene is very popular and is displayed in most homes. We had a go at making our own nativity stained glass picture, they looked beautiful in our classroom windows.

Next week, we are going to be very busy with the Pantomime. We have been working hard to learn our lines and can't wait for the performances to begin!


9th November 2015

This term we are doing 2 mini topics: 'Wonders of the World' and 'Christmas Around the World.' So far we have been learning about the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. Last week, we found out which country and continent each one was in and then located them on the world map. This week we are going to be using information books and the internet to research each Wonder ready to make our own information booklets. We also looked closely at the Taj Mahal last week and produced some fantastic pieces of artwork. This week, we are going to focus more on the Great Wall of China.


21st October 2015

The day has arrived! It's the day of our Class Assembly! Miss Holmes was so proud of our performance. We all read our lines clearly, acted out the story brilliantly and sang beautifully! We loved our costumes too.

PA210035 640x480PA210042 480x640PA210043 480x640PA210046 640x480PA210048 640x480PA210049 640x480PA210050 640x480

6th October 2015

In maths this week we have been talking about handling data. Today, Miss Holmes posed the question: 'Which do you think is the most common colour of car on the road?' We then had to decide how we could find out. One person suggested that we could go on the front playground and watch the cars drive past the school. Someone else thought that we could use a table and then another child suggested we could record the data using a tally chart. Miss Holmes was very impressed with all of our ideas and we set to work! We found out that black and silver were the most common colours and we only saw 1 green car. Tomorrow we are going to be using our data to construct a bar chart.

 PA060034 640x480PA060039 640x480PA060040 480x640PA060042 480x640PA060043 480x640PA060047 480x640


19th September 2015

Yesterday we went on a 'Twig Hunt.' Using our spotter sheet, we had to see if we could identify as many different trees as possible using only the twigs. We met a caterpillar on the way, he took a particular liking to Sophie and was keen to inspect her face! We also asked Miss Holmes and Mrs Woodbine if we could climb down and then back up the bank where the stream usually is. We found out that it was much harder to get back up than it was to climb down!

DSCN0584 640x480DSCN0551 640x480DSCN0572 640x480DSCN0583 640x480DSCN0570 640x480DSCN0596 480x640

17th September 2015

In English we are going to be writing persuasive letters. First of all we had to find out about persuasive writing; the purpose, the style, the layout and much much more. We began by working in groups to plan a letter to Miss Davies using the OREO technique (Opinion Reason Examples Opinion), each group were given an opinion to start with, for example 'we think homework should be made illegal.' We then had to think of 3 reasons for this opinion and give examples to support each reason.

DSCN0538 640x480DSCN0541 480x640DSCN0542 640x480

11th September 2015

In Art this term, we are experimenting with different ways of using wax crayons. So far, we have carried out two activities. Firstly we have been doing wax-resistant watercolour painting in the style of Monet. We found out all about Impressionism and Monet's life. We then had a go at painting the famous 'Waterlilies' piece using wax crayons and watercolours.

DSCN0099 480x640DSCN0106 480x640DSCN0101 640x480DSCN0098 480x640

We also used wax crayons and sandpaper to write our name backwards, we then used an iron to transfer our work onto material. Miss Holmes helped us to use the iron, we had to be very careful not to burn ourselves...or Miss Holmes!

DSCN0107 480x640DSCN0110 480x640DSCN0104 640x480DSCN0103 640x480



Today, we used the firepit for the first time this year. We couldn't wait! After much discussion, we decided to cook corn on the cob and toasted marshmallows - what a double treat! We were very sensible around the fire and Miss Holmes was very impressed with how much we had remembered from last year.

DSCN0077 640x480DSCN0082 640x480DSCN0085 640x480DSCN0097 640x480

9th September 2015

The crayons in the book are very passionate about their opinions so we decided to try and empathise with their feelings. We were each allocated a colour crayon and had a class protest outside on the playground. But first we had to make our signs, we worked together to create a colourful, yet powerful sign.

DSCN0535 640x480 DSCN0534 640x480 DSCN0532 640x543 DSCN0533 640x480


Welcome back to a brand new year in Kestrel Class! We are very excited to embrace the new challenges that lie ahead. Click on the links below to view our timetable and our first Topic Web. Last year, we were a huge fan of the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Oliver Jeffers. We loved it so much that Miss Holmes decided to do a topic on it!

Autumn Timetable      Topic Web


back-to-school-crayons (380x368)



The votes have been counted and the results are in!


Yellow Team have been elected as the winning party, and Bethan as the Class Leader!


Congratulations to all of the children in Kestrel Class - you had over 150 votes!!  


For those of you wanting to be sure that all of the election has been done by the book, here is a quick snap of Kevin Dicks (Returning Officer for the Bromsgrove District) inspecting our polling station to ensure it is all legal!  Mr Dicks was extremely impressed by all of the work that we had done in the run up to the election yesterday and also by our knowledge of how our Givernment and Parliament work!  





The day has finally arrived - the campaigning is over and there is nothing more we can do!  

Don't forget to come and vote in the polling station at Beoley First School (and don't forget to vote in the General Election too!)






This week has been exceptionally busy in Kestrel Class as the final campaign efforts have been made!  We have loved every minute of the campaign trail and were really excited when we got the chance to show Sajid Javid (Member of the Cabinet) our policies and talk tactics with him.  Some of us are definitely considering a career in politics now!  


Thank you for making the time to come and see us  - we know you are very busy at the moment! 




Thank you to everyone that joined us today for our Maths Inspire Workshop.  We loved showing off our amazing Maths knowledge!  




Yesterday, we had a real treat.  Mrs Hamilton came into school to work with us.  She taught us lots of different songs and at the end of the day we performed the songs we'd learnt to the whole school!  We loved learning all of Mrs Hamilton's songs and can't wait to work with her again.  


Kestrel Class would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Sweeney for organising the Music Day!




On Wednesday,  Beoley First School played host to a menagerie of animals, the guests of honour at our Farm Morning!  The animals arrived at school at 9:30 and they stayed all morning!  This meant that each class got to spend some quality time with all of the different animals.  







Guinea Pigs


Kestrel Class would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Marshall for organising such a fantastic experience, and to Sid, Angel, Drew and Joesph for the loan of their animals.  



Welcome back to the Summer Term!  We have hit the ground running with our General Election topic this term.  


We have begun by learning all about the history of our Government and Parliament in the United Kingdom. This has co-incided the 800 year anniversary of the Magna Carta being written.  We enjoyed learning about why the Magna Carta had been written and making up our own comic strips based on the British Library cartoon:


 Magna Carta - 800 years

 With Mother's Day approaching this weekend can I take this opportunity to remind you of a lovely treat your children made for you back in Oak class.... follow the link below to remind yourselves how fantastic your children are and how fab they think you are!  Happy Mother's Day everyone! 





This morning we have 'candled' the eggs that we have been growing in an incubator, the eggs came from Farmer Ben's farm and we're really excited to see them hatch in a couple of weeks!!  The candling process allows us to see if the eggs are beginning to grow, the veins are a positive sign of life!  We were all extremely excited this morning to see how many of our eggs are growing, and we even saw a couple of heart beats..... watch this space for more egg/chick updates!








This week we have been learning how to divide numbers equally.  We have been using objects to help us and then we realised we could use our times-tables.  


Division 1 640x478   


We have also been investigating magnets and their magnetic force.  We noticed that magnets don't actually need to touching for their force to impact, unlike other forces such as pushing or pulling. 


magnets 1 640x478   magnets 2 640x478   magnets 3 640x478   magnets 4 478x640


Once we had re-discovered magnets and their magnetic force we joined with Eagle Class to investigate magnets further.  We used two magnets in 5 different liquids - to make sure the experiment was fair we carried the investigation out three-times for each liquid.  The liquids we used were:  water, milk, vegetable oil, baby oil and golden syrup.  As a group we predicted that Golden Syrup would have the largest effect of the attraction time of the magnets.  After carrying out the investigation we had the evidence and scientific proof that our predictions were correct.  We decided that this must be because of the density of the liquid and the stickiness would cause a lot of resistance.  


Miss O'Neill was really impressed with our scientific language during this investigation! 





















Spring 2:  This term our topic is Beatrix Potter!


Beatrix Potter Topic Overview Spring 2 2015


Peter Rabbit




Each term, so far, in Kestrel class seems to fly by because we are always so busy learning new things and being creative.  Since we returned from our Christmas break we have been exceptionally busy, preparing for our Wizard of Oz Extravanganza.  Over the last term we have looked at maps of the world and used Atlases to learn about the climate and terrain of different countries that our class-mates have visited.  We have also been working really hard to prepare for our performance, and collaborated with students from BMET College, Sutton Campus, to produce the incredible extavanganza that many of you visited.  We think we really do deserve a rest this half term!  


Below are some photos of the activities we have been doing this term:


Learning about the seven continents:  a 3D map of Africa and two of the Big 5 that we created using bits and bobs from the recycling box. 


3D Map of Africa 480x640   Lion and Giraffe 480x640



Our Trek Outs this term were very exciting, we saw Snowdrops, the first signs of Spring and even got to make some Snow Angels when the snow came one Thursday afternoon.


Kestrel Snow Trek 640x480   Kestrel Angels 640x480



We have been learning to count in French this term and Mrs Marshall taught us to count by signing:


0, 1, 2 

Sign Zero 480x640   Sign one 480x640   Sign two 480x640   

3, 4, 5 

sign three 480x640   sign four 480x640   Sign five 480x640

 6, 7, 8 

Sign six 480x640   Sign seven 480x640   Sign eight 480x640

 9, 10 (for 10 you have to rotate your wrist in a circular motion), 11 (you have to pinch your index finger and thumb together) 

Sign nine 480x640   Sign ten 480x640   Sign eleven 480x640

 12, (you have to pinch your middle finger, index finger and thumb together), 13, 14 (for the 'teen' numbers you wave your hand from side to side) 

sign twelve 480x640   Sign thirteen too 480x640   Sign fourteen 480x640

 15, 16, 17 

Sign thirteen 480x640    sign sixteen 480x640   sign seventeen 480x640

 18, 19, 20 

sign eighteen 480x640    sign nineteen 480x640   sign twenty 480x640


 Here are some photos of what we got up to Wizard of Oz Club: 

WOO Silhouette 1 640x480 WOO silhouette 2 640x480 WOO silhouette 3 640x480

Tin Man Cottage 480x640



 BMET students and tutors visited us during Arts Week, they brought some of their work with them!  We were very impressed!

BMET Visit 1 640x478    BMET visit 2 478x640


BMET Mask 1 478x640  BMET mask 2 478x640


BMET mask 3 478x640  BMET mask 4 478x640


BMET mask 5 478x640  BMET mask 6 478x640


BMET mask 7 478x640  BMET mask 8 478x640


BMET mask 9 478x640  BMET mask 10 478x640



 Below are photos of us getting ready for our performance:

Tin Man 1 480x640 Tin Man 2 480x640 Tin Man 3 480x640


Tin Man 4 480x640 Tin Man 5 480x640 Tin Man 6 480x640


Tin Man 7 480x640 Tin Man 8 480x640 Tin Man 9 480x640


Tin Man 10 480x640 Tin Man 11 480x640  Tin Man 12 480x640


Tin Man 13 480x640 Tin Man 14 480x640  Tin Man 15 480x640


Tin Man 16 480x640 Tin Man 17 480x640  Tin Man 18 480x640


Tin Man 19 480x640 Tin Man 20 480x640  Tin Man 21 480x640


 Here we are performing for some parents!

Performance 640x480



The Tinman was so impressed with our performances that he dropped off a gift for each of us:

Tin Man gift 640x480






We've been learning all about homophones today:  here are some photos of the homophones we came up with....

Homophone Drew 480x640   Homophone Esther 640x480   Homophone Evan 480x640   Homophone George 480x640   Homophone Georgia 480x640    Homophone Grace 480x640   Homophone Jamie 480x640   Homophone Luke 480x640   Homophone Luke D 480x640   Homophone Maisie 480x640   Homophone Niamh 480x640   Homophone Sophie 480x640   Homophone Sophie F 480x640






We're Off to See the Wizard!!


Kestrel Parents Waving 640x478


Once we arrived at The Hippodrome Theatre, we went off to take part in a Wizard of Oz themed Birmingham Royal Ballet Masterclass!  It was fantastic!!  We learnt lots about the daily rigour of being a ballerina and even found out that lots of Premiership footballers have been to Ballet classes at the BRB to improve their skills on the field!  



Kestrel BRB 1 478x640   Kestrel BRB 2 478x640    Kestrel BRB 3 478x640


Kestrel BRB 4 478x640   Kestrel BRB 5 478x640    Kestrel BRB 7 478x640



Kestrel BRB 8 478x640    Waking the Tinman 478x640    Kesstrel BRB 9 478x640


We also got a backstage tour!  The show that is on at the moment is Jack and the Beanstalk.... we saw so many amazing things today!


Kestrel Backstage Tour 1 640x480  Kestrel Backstage 2 640x478



The final activity of the day was song writing - we had to write rhyming lyrics for different characters and settings from the Wizard of Oz and then Craig turned them into songs, with a back track, in seconds.... we were amazed, by our song-writing talents, and Craig's musical skill!!


Kestrel Songwriting 1 640x478  Kestrel Songwriting 2 640x478


We can't wait to get on with our Extravanganza preparation now!! :) 



Science: What is in our blood? 


Blood 1    Blood 2    Blood 3

Today, we've been discovering what makes up our blood.  We found out that our blood is made up of red and white blood cells and things called platelets.  Tomorrow we're going to find out what job each of these things does to keep us standing. 



There's no place like home!


Discover Africa   


This week we've been looking out the seven continents of the world.  We found out that the seven continents are called:


Europe         Asia         Africa         North America            South America            Antarctica             Australia


(We also found out that Australia is also known as Australasia or Oceania)


We used atlases, iPads, computers and non-fiction books to research each of these continents in small groups.  The things inside the continent boxes gave us a starting point, and we really enjoyed learning about the cultures, animals, fashions, currency, and geography of the seven continents. 



Happy New Year!    We hope you have had a peaceful, restful break! 


This term we are taking part in a whole-school topic:  The Wizard of Oz!  Click the link below to find out more about what we will be learning this term. 



Wizard of Oz Topic Web






Xfactor scene   11 Dwarves   Doctor and Servant    Narrators




Christmas Crafts


Happy Christmas


Enjoy the break!



Christmas Card     Nativity Egg Box







Ready for the Trip    RAF memorial    Para M






Wow!!  We're exhausted in Kestrel Class!  What a busy half-term so far, and with Christmas just around the corner we imagine it is only going to get busier!  


We've been working extra hard this half term on our Bhangra dancing - we were a bit nervous at first but in the end we were fantastic! 


Dancing Photos


We learnt how to drum on a 'Dhol' - a drum from North India, it is made from the trunk of a tree that has been hollowed out.  In India each end is covered with a leather hide however, because it is much colder in England, one end of the drum was covered with a plastic disc to create the desired sound.  The drummers use two sticks to play this instrument - otherwise it really isn't very loud!  One of the sticks is a thin, bendy stick called a 'Thilli' and the other is an 'L' shaped, thicker stick called a 'Dagga'.  We worked in pairs to play a fusion rhythm, the notation was: Na (a beat from the 'Thilli') and Ge (a note from the 'Dagga') , when we beat both sticks together this sound is called 'Da'!


KDrumming 640x478,   





Welcome back after a very mild, very wet half-term holiday!!  In Kestrel Class we were straight back into our learning on Monday morning and Miss O'Neill was very impressed with all that we had remembered!  This week in school has been super busy with Panto Auditions (is it really that time of year already!?) and Bhangra dancing and drumming!!  

Here are some photos of what we've been up to:

 Auditions AE 478x640  Auditions AY 478x640  Auditions BC 478x640  Auditions EMM 478x640  Auditions EPGCGL 478x640  Auditions EV 478x640  Auditions GB 478x640  Auditions HW 478x640  Auditions JT 478x640  Auditions LLH 640x478  Auditions LW 478x640  Auditions NT 640x478  Auditions SC 478x640  Auditions SD 640x478  Auditions SFMF 478x640  Audition Drew 640x478 

 Miss Davies thought we were all fantastic - it was really worth all of the practising!!  Thank you Mums and Dads for all of your support!  We rocked it!!!



Today we have learnt about Diwali - Diwali is the Hindu festival of light - on the eve of Diwali people in India leave their doors and windows open to allow the spirit of Lakshmi to fly through their home, marking the start of a new year.  Hindu people celebrate Diwali by lighting lanterns, setting off fireworks and by decorating their homes with lights (similar to the way some people in Britain do for Christmas!).  We also carved pumpkins on this day and had great fun scooping the insides out!  We are looking forward to using the flesh in our cooking lessons next half-term and planting all of the seeds we saved in the spring.  


  Diwali Lantern Y3 640x480

Designing a lantern to celebrate Diwali

  Rangoli Patterns Y3 480x640

Designing our own Rangoli Patterns


Pumpkin Carving Y3 1 640x480    Pumpkin Carving Y3 2 640x480    Pumpkin Carving Y3 3 640x480   


Pumpkin Carving Y3 4 640x480   Pumpkin Carving Y3 5 640x480   Pumpkin Carving Y3 6 640x480




We were really lucky to be able to go out on our trek with Mrs Allen!  Miss O'Neill had told her how fantastic we were at science and how brilliantly well we had carried out and recorded one of the experiements from our rocks and soils topic:  Mrs Allen wanted to see for herself!  We went down to the stream area near our school and began to dig the soil in different areas - we had learnt in our science lessons that some soils are permeable and others, impermeable.  Here are some photos of us carrying out our investigation - can you spot which soils were permeable and which were not!? 


  Y3 Soil Investigation 2 480x640  3 Soil Investigation 1 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 3 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 4 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 5 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 6 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 7 640x480   Y3 Soil Investigation 8 640x480  Y3 Soil Investigation 9 640x480  





Today,  we were really lucky to be able to invite a grown-up into school to work with us!  Miss O'Neill explained about the work that we do in our English lessons, and then we got to show our grown-up just how much we have learnt by writing a lovely story (with 5 clear parts) or an explanation text based on the story; Until I met Dudley.  We had lots and lots of fun writing some really imaginative explanations for how things worked and all of our grown-ups were very impressed with how hard we have been working in school this term! 


   English Inspire Y3 1 640x480   English Inspire Y3 2 640x480   English Inspire Y3 3 640x480     

  English Inspire Y3 4 640x480   English Inspire Y3 5 640x480   English Inspire Y3 6 640x480

                                          English Inspire Y3 7 640x480   English Inspire Y3 8 640x480




Oh my goodness!  What a busy few weeks we have had in Kestrel Class!  


We have been learning all about story-writing, subtraction and this week we have been studying author David McKee.  We found out that David Mckee was born in 1935, and lots of us remembered that this was between World War One and World War Two.  We found out that McKee has written lots of other children's stories such as Two Can Toucan and Elemer the Patchwork Elephant. 


Here are some photos of what we have been up to!


Story Opening 480x640  Story Build up 480x640  Story Problem 480x640  Resolution 480x640  Ending 640x480

We have learnt that there are five parts to a story: the opening, the build-up, the problem, the resolution and the ending - these are the actions that we use to remind ourselves of the order.


We have used this knowledge to tell our own stories in the Dinosaur Small World - we have really enjoyed being creative with the characters and setting!!

Dino Role Play 640x480


We've been mixing Salt Dough to create our own Dinosaur Fossils


Mixing SaltDough 480x640  Fossil Prints 640x480


We've been reasearching dinosaur facts, to write our very own Dinosaur Information Booklet!


Dino Research 640x480


We've been creating our own dinosaur pictures using PVA glue, Salt and Watercolour paints!


Dino Salt Painting 640x480


In maths we've been doing some subtraction:


Subtraction 2 480x640  Subtraction 1 640x480  Subtraction 3 480x640



On our Trek this week we went to the Church Yard at St Leonards Church in Beoley.  Here we did some wax crayon rubbings and then we listened to all of the different sounds we could hear and tried to draw them!  The wax crayon rubbings were Mrs Marshall's favourite activity so far this year! 



Trek 2nd Oct 640x480  What can you hear 640x480


Finally, here are some photos from Book Week: 


Clown Ellie-May 480x640  Cook Harry 480x640  Cowgirl Bethan 480x640  Cowgirl Jamie 480x640  Cowgirl Niamh 480x640      Dragon Amelie 480x640  Elmer Maisie 480x640  Elmer Sophie 480x640  Fairy Sophie 480x640  Gladiator Joseph 480x640  Hunter Luke 480x640  Knight evan 480x640  Knight George 2 480x640  Mr Benn Drew 480x640  Mr Benn Luke 480x640  Mr Benn Sam 480x640  Princess Grace 480x640Roman Georgia 480x640  Roman Lacey-Lou 480x640




Welcome back to the new school year!  We've hit the ground running fast since returning from our summer break!  This term we are discovering time-travel.  First of all we landed in the Stone Age and now we're getting into the nitty gritty of the Romans in Britain.  We're really looking forward to finding out where we are going to land next!!


      Kestrel Class Trek Silly Faces 640x480Kestrel Thumbs up 640x480


We've been exploring our new topic and even having a go at building our own stone houses (on a smaller scale!)! 


Stone Age House 480x640


This term we are very forunate to have Andrea coaching us in Gymnastics.  We are learning lots and having lots of fun doing it!


Gymnastics 1 640x480Gymnastics 2 640x480Gymnastics 3 640x480


Here we are warming up, practising our front support and back support!  Our tummies and backs are really flat, look! 


Over the summer our garden was over run with weeds so we have been very busy with Mrs Marshall trying to claim back the vegetable patches - and I think we might have done it!  Even the cows came to help! 


           Girls Gardening Kestrels 480x640         Cows Gardening 640x480



We're very proud of our achieevements in Kestrel Class, in school and out!  One of us has been cycling like mad to win lots of medals and trophies.  Here he is recieving his medals from Miss Davies in Friday's Celebration Assembly!


Joseph Celebration 640x480




We hope you're having a wonderful Septemeber - we'll be back with more news soon!  


Kestrel Selfie 480x640