Oak Class

It's a new term and so much has changed in our class. The frogspawn has developed into tadpoles and even froglets! We have released some into our school pond.


We have also had our new arrivals CHICKENS!!!

The chicken have a new home and each class has a chicken. Reception have a lovely Sussex Light Hybrid. We have named her 'Trouble Maker'.


sussex light




Summer Term 1 Overview                                                                                                      Summer Term 1 Timetable


Mrs Prewitt has found frogspawn in a muddy puddle in her garden. We were very happy to take it in school. The tadpoles are in a tank in our classroom and are already growing! We will keep them until they have legs so they have a chance to survive in the pond with our large family of newts. 


tadpoles 2014 640x480


PC Sweeney and his friends came to see us. They brought alsorts of hats and jackets to try on and told us all about their uniform. The children were very excited to hear they had 'electic guns'. We talked about the jobs police do and the dangers of talking to strangers. They most exciting bit was looking at the police car. The children all got in and were able to press the siren and turn on the lights.

A huge thank you to the police for coming in to school.

police 2014 1 640x480  police 2014 2 640x480

Our roleplay is great now the weather is better. We have been outside creating our own senarios. The children have dressed up and took on character roles. The police are even issuing tickets for riding to fast and crossing the zebra crossing while people are on it! 


roleplay pwhu 2014 1 640x480  roleplay pwhu 2014 2 640x480


We had our Reception height, weight and hearing check this week too. The school nurses kindly told us about their job and explained that different nurses do different jobs.


We have had a visit from our local fire station.

They talked to us about their uniform and the jobs they do. We found out that they do have to resuce cats from funny places too. The children tried on the firemans hat but Mrs Cornbill had to put on the whole uniform! We talked about what we would do if their was a fire in our homes and how imprtant it is to fit and check smoke alarms. Thank you very much Redditch Fire Station.

firemen 2014 1 480x640  firemen 2014 2 480x640 



Spring Term 2


Our new topic for this term is 'People who help us'. We have lots of activities planned including visits from the firemen, police and a doctor. We shall keep you posted with our exciting news.

Topic Overview




We have had our 'Phonics Inspire Workshop'. Many of the childrens parents or relatives came into school to work with the children to create a selection of games linked to phonics. The children made resources and played them before taking them home.


Inspire 1 02.14 640x480 Inspire 2 02.14 640x480 Inspire 3 02.14 480x640


Art Week


We have had a busy week! We have been to visit Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, it was a great day out and thouroughly enjoyed by all. 

The children had a great time discovering the history of Birmingham and listening to real stories from the past. Children were able to observe the variety of art within the gallery and had great fun finding animals within the paintings and spotting the different pieces.


Art gallery 1 art gallery 2 art gallery 3 

art gallery 4 art gallery 6


We have been visited by Liz from Dancefest. She taught us a fabulous winter snowflake dance which we can work on over the week. 


Throughout the week we have been attempting some different techniques to produce our own masterpieces. From threading, working with charcaol, paints and wax.


For our charcoal drawing we took inspiration from Lowry. We looked carefully at his sketch of 'Winter in Broughton'.

winter in broughton 2 640x500 



Anoushka art work Hailey art work Harrison art work

 Isabelle art work James art week 640x480


We looked at work by Vincent Van Gogh to inspire our oil pastel pictures and paintings.


sunflowers starry night 2 640x507


Cobey art work Angel art work Daisy art work Ellie art work Heidi art work Kian art work Lucy art work Neo art work Olivia art work sid art work Sophia art week Tayah art work 


We used paint and marbles to create some amazing patterns.


Fin art work art work 1 art work 2 

class tissue art Class wax art


The children have had a great week and are looking forward to showing parents and family their work in the 'Beoley Gallery' at the end of the week.



Our topic this term is 'Cold and Winter'.


Timetable              Topic Overview


This is our favourite North and South Pole song. Have a listen at http://tinyurl.com/5wkukmf 



oak class snowmen 2013 640x480


We have been learning about Polar Bears. We have found out lots of information from the computer and books.


We found a picture and recorded a fact.


Cobey 136x90  isabelle 150x113  kian 150x100 anoushka 150x113  daisy 150x113  Ellie 136x87  finley 150x129  hailey 149x98   heidi 140x84  james 124x148  lydia 150x104  neo 98x137   Olivia 150x100  sid 136x119  Sophia 149x112   tayah 143x107

 Harrison 150x99  lucy 148x77  

We have had great fun exploring the VERY WET and SOGGY environment.


Oak mud 2014 Oak mud 2014 2

We are hoping for some cold weather so we can have some fun with the snow and ice. So far this term we have had only 1 frosty morning. Have a look at what we got up to.


oak 2014 spring 1 Frosty day 1 640x480  oak 2014 spring 1 frosty day 4 640x480  Oak 2014 spring 1 frosty day5 480x640  Oak 2014 spring 1 frosty day 6 480x640  Oak 2014 spring 1 frosty day 7 640x480  Oak 2014 spring 1 Frotsty day 3 640x480  Oak 2014 spring 1 shadows 640x480  

We played with our shadows and tried to catch each others. Our class experiment involved choosing the best materials to keep a hot water bottle warm. We each chose different materials which included fleece, bubble wrap, foil and plastic. The fleece and the bubble wrap were the best materials.






December 2013




We had an amazing time at 'Pizza Express' Bromsgrove. A huge thank you to all the staff for allowing us to visit. We explored ingredients and made our own super tasty margherita pizza. Some of the ingredients we knew but others including oregano and fresh basil were new to some of us. The staff helped us form our pizza base, top it and cooked it before we took them back to school to eat. We hope to be be back soon.


 making pizza 1 480x640  Making pizza 2 640x480  Making pizza 3 640x480  Making Pizza 5 640x480  making pizza 6 480x640   pizza express



We have had a fun filled term finding out about different festivals. We had a great time getting creative and tasting a wide selection of foods. These are some of our diva lamps and rangoli patterns.


Diva lamps 640x480  rangoli patterns 2013 640x480




October 2013




We have had a wonderful week reading Julia Donaldson stories and celebrating our love of books. We have all produced some amazing crafts, writing, illustrations and role play. To finish the week we had our very own Gruffalo Party! We dressed up as characters from Julia Donaldson stories and made fab party food including scrambled snake jelly, owl ice cream and roasted fox sandwiches. We had great fun making our party treats but it was the Gruffalo cake which tasted the best. 


Gruffalo dress up 10.13 640x480


Gruffalo party 10.13 640x480  Gruffalo cake 640x480


Gruffalo sandwiches 480x640 stickman 1 480x640 stickman 2 489x640 stickman 3 480x640 


Gruffalo masks 10.13 640x480


Look who we met today! 

P9300005 640x480



September 2013


We have been out for our weekly adventure on 'Muddy Mondays'. The weather is on the turn and we could definitely feel Autumn is on its way. We have been looking at the different trees and the fruits and nuts they are producing. We have seen lots of sloe berries and blackberries. It was great fun picking them but we all had red, sticky and juicy hands. The blackberries are going to make a fabulous jam!


exploring tractor tracks comp


hailey comp  picking fruit comp


We also found some great wildlife including some rather jumpy frogs!


frog cassie comp james and frog comp


It's a new school year and we have seen 20 new children settle in to Oak Class.

We have been busy making new friends and exploring the environment.

Click on the links below to view our timetable and topic overview.


             Timetable                         Topic Overview


Dudley Zoo

We have had a fabulous whole school trip to Dudley Zoo.

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May 2013

We have been having a great time exploring minibeasts. Our 'Master Composter' has delivered both frog and toad frogspawn. The children have enjoyed watching them change in tanks in the classroom. We are hoping to return them to our newly refurbished pond area once they are big enough to not be newt dinner.

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pond dipping 2013

April 2013

We are hoping for better weather this term as we begin to explore our new topic 'Minibeasts and Growing'. We have already been around our school grounds looking for minibeasts and planting summer produce and flower seeds in the garden. The pond is full of newts so we are trying to keep our tadpoles safe in a seperate tank in the classroom. We shall let you know how they get on.

                       Topic overview                       Timetable

March 2013

Our new topic is 'People Who Help Us'. We have already had the Police Officers from Rubery in to see us and Dr Pinkney. It is very exciting to meet people with special jobs and find out information about them. The children have been asking lots of fantastic questions. Our new roleplay the 'Health Centre' has been very popular.

police_15 police_26

police_41  police_38

Doctor  Doctor_7 


We have had a fantastic term with lots of snow! We have been learning about Polar Bears and Penguins and found out alot of information. We have also been completing lots of art work.

Spring_1 Spring_1_111

Boon also came into school to help us celebrate Chinese New Year. We had a day making chinese crafts and celebrated with our own banquet. Yum Yum!

The snow dance worked and we have had alot of snow!!

We have had an amazing time creating winter art, exploring snowflakes and making snowmen.

EM_making_a_snowman_jan_2013  Snow_day_2013 

snow_day_2013_2  snow_day_2013_3


January 2013

This term our topic is Winter and Cold. We are hoping for snow to make our topic real and even more exciting!

We shall be exploring

Materials- which keeps us warmer for longer;

Ice- how it is made and its change in state;

Animals-hibernation and those living in colder climates; and

Colour- creating work by exploring cold colours, our environment and different materials.

Click on the link below for a detailed overview of the topic and our new timetable for this half term.

Topic Overview                           Spring 1 Timetable

December 2012

We were very busy at the end of the autumn term. All the children in oak class took part in the school panto 'Cinderella'. A huge success with oak class children playing the parts of spiders, butterflies and mice to name but a few. We also held a carol service at St Leonards Church in which reception were the main parts in the retelling of the the Christmas story.

Throughout the half term we looked at a number of special festivals including Diwali and Hanukkah. Children enjoyed all the creative and cooking that went with these celebrations.

Muddy Monday 12th November

Today we have been outside on our Muddy Monday adventure. It has been cold and wet so we had lots of mud to walk in. We had to collect lots of different things for our scavenger hunt. They included a stick shorter than our arm, acorn, a berry, a prickly evergreen leaf and a black pebble. We had lots of fun!

It was squelchy in the Mud- Robbie

Muddy Mondays was brilliant!- Ben

I didn't like the mud- Brooke

We had fun in the mud!- Aria

I liked splashing in the mud- Christopher

I liked splashing in the puddles- James

It was brilliant!!!!- Georgia

I fell over in the mud and lost my wellie- Isabelle H

I Like to splash in puddles- Harry W

My trousers got wet!- Harry C

The weather was rubbish, but we had fun! 


This week we have been reading books by our favourite author Julia Donaldson.

Our week has been full of related activities and ended with a party! We all dressed up as our favourite book character and had party food like roasted fox sandwiches, scrambled snake jelly and gruffalo biscuits and cake!!!

We played party games and had loads of fun, look out for a book on our exciting day!

Harvest Festival

A huge well done and congratulations to Oak Class. Everyone coped with the attention and sung their socks off!


I know our Christmas Nativity will be amazing with so many stars!

September 2012

A new year and a new group of children join Beoley First School.

We have been very busy making new friends and exploring the environment. We now have a purpose built area, so we can have outdoor learning everyday. The bikes and scooters are very popular (watch out Bradley Wiggins!). 

Our topics for this half term include Ourselves and Traditional Tales. We have enjyed reading and acting out the stories for The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Look out for more information and photos!

Autumn Term 1 overview

Timetable Autumn Term 

Parents Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 

Sunday 18th March

Happy Mothers Day 






















January 24th

Yesterday and today we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the dragon!

In early years we listened to the story about how the Jade Emperor named the years after inviting all the animals to take part in a race. The Rat won, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster and pig. You can find out which sign you were born under by clicking the links below.

 Kung Hei Fat Choy                     Kung Hei Fat Choy!            Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We had a fantastic time cooking and creating decorations and dragons. We also explored our senses by taking part in a taste challenge and smelling pot sensation. Most of us like the flavour of the garlic and curry. Our sense of smell was very different and we all liked something very different.

January 20th 

This week we have been finding out about polar bears.  Did you know polar bears have a thick layer of fat called blubber. They also have black skin and a black tongue.

We found a brilliant song to help us learn about the arctic and antarctic. Click on the link below.


January 13th

A Frosty Day

Today we had a wonderful frost and so we put on our coats, hats and gloves and went into the playground to explore.

We noticed how the new stage sparkled like glitter in the sunshine. We touched the frost and smelt it! When we looked carefully we could see little spikes and prickles.

They looked like tiny swords!

We had great fun exploring the school grounds and describing what we could see and how it felt. We listened hard for scrunching, cracking noises as we walked on the grass.

Aiden found a lovely leaf covered in frost, it looked like magic fairy dust had been sprinkled on it.

Chinese Role Play

Thank you to everyone who sent in resources for our Chinese Takeaway 'Chinese Wok'.

We are now open and have had great fun exploring the different cooking equipment and ingredients. Our customers have been

sampling the delights of the takeaway and even eating in the restaurant. The staff are pleasant and well mannered.

We are looking forward to actually making a variety of Chinese dishes during Chinese New Year.

Fact of the weekFact of the week

Spring 2012

Happy New Year!!

This term our topics include exploring the winter in this country and the effects it has on the  animals. We are also going to be looking at the polar regions and the animals that live there.

We are looking forward to lots of experiments and creative tasks.

Muddy Mondays could also be interesting as the temperature drops and (we hope) it snows!!!

Monday 23rd January is Chinese New Year and we will be joining Maple and Laurel class to celebrate in style.