Winter 2018

In our topic we are researching and finding out about the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Stone Age.We are having so much fun and are really  excited for what is coming up. At the moment we are doing cave paintings. Daisy and Lydia have been hard at work creating amazing creations that are on display in the classroom.






This week we have been making a Year 4 and Year 3 story. We were put into groups, came up with openings and sent them around the room for other teams to add to them. They made amazing stories! 





























Cross country was a hit this year. We had an amazing time.Some of us got medals for coming first second and third. It was a long run but it was fun racing with the other schools. Our school got two medals in total it was so good. It was really muddy and tricky to run in. It was  very slippy. This event took place at Alvechurch Middle School with three other schools.



In December we put on a FANTASTIC play of Jack and the Beanstalk. It was a hit,we sold lots of dvd to you lovley people. Everyone really enjoyed it, even the Reception children loved it too. The Year Four children thought it was the best as it was their last one at this school



This week we had an amazing time with trompo champions and playing with them.As you may have already heard we where selling them and we sold quite a phew of them and the children have been playing with them. They have done many competitions with the champions and have had a chance to win a very special one witch was signed by the champions. They really enjoyed doing it with everyone 

and it was really fun to do as a school.





































In November Contact the Elderly came to us for a visit for some afternoon tea, we had so much fun telling them all about our school and what we do as young students. Also people in Cooking Club made all the yummy treats. We made cake, shortbread, scones and cookies.




Our visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival was fantastic! The


children were all so excited to see Jeremy Strong 'in person' and we were thrilled to listen to his talk about his journey as an author and to learn more about where he gets his ideas for his books from. We have written to Jeremy to thank him for his talk and to share our thoughts.

We had a fantastic time on our 'Mindfulness Day' at the end of last half term. The children learned so much about mindfulness techniques, tai chi, team work and healthy eating!



It's been a busy few weeks in Eagle Class! The children have all settled in brilliantly and have been working extremely hard. 
We have been studying the books of Jeremy Strong in preparation for our very exciting visit to the Cheltenham Literature Festival next week, where we will be listening to him speak. We have written letters to him, re-written parts of our class book, 'Cartoon Kid Strikes Back' and have drawn some of the illustrations from his books. Photos of the trip to follow.

We have been fascinated by hurricanes recently and have been discovering lots of interesting facts and writing newspaper reports about them.
Huge congratulations and thanks to Olivia and Lydia who masterminded our 'Genes for Jeans' day and raised money for this important cause. Their assembly for the children was excellent and extremely informative.


genes1 480x640            genes2 640x480   




Welcome to Eagle Class





What an amazing time the children all had in Malvern! They all excelled and proved to be outstanding ambassadors for our school. The children have certainly developed their team building skills and independence as a result of the trip. A huge thank you to Miss Davies and Mrs Bartlett for taking them.
We have been working hard on our space themed garden for the Malvern Garden Show. Our super greenhouse has been very well used! We are so proud to announce that the garden was commended! Well done to all the children, family members and staff who have worked so hard.



IMG 0079 640x427        m8 640x427    m10 640x427       IMG 0107 640x427





We are looking forward to the Shakespeare Inspire next week where we will be demonstrating some of the techniques we have recently used in our drama and writing work.
The children are busy planning their assembly for June 8th. We think you'll be entertained!
As the children now know their middle schools, we will begin to discuss transition after Half Term. We have a number of activities to prepare the children for this event. Many weeks still to go though!









 March 2017



We have been involved in lots of different challenges this half term , designing Viking boats, creating a tasty meal and mastering our skills at a local hockey tournament.

 h1 640x480      c1 640x480    c2 640x480    v1 640x480


v2 480x640



To finish off the term we had our science Easter Egg challenge which involved using a fresh egg,from the chickens, and working out a way to get the egg  down to the ground in one piece , after it was thrown off the roof by Mrs. Taylor . We worked in pairs and many off us did manage to produce an unscrambled egg !






        e1 640x480      e2 640x480   e3 640x480

Spring 2017


What a jam- packed half term we have had ! 

The children have all been working so hard and are certainly well used to the expectations of being a Year 4 pupil .

We had a fabulous trip to the Roald Dahl Museum where we were all excited to see Mr. Dahl's writing chair and learn lots about his life and the stories he wrote. Ask your children about the hole in his chair !


trip1 640x480          trip2 480x640        trip3 480x640     

We have been focusing on debating amongst other things in our English lessons. The children have been coming up with some extremely thoughtful motions and have impressed us with their maturity, especially when being asked to consider an alternative point of view.



d1 640x480



We have been busy planting and potting on in our fabulous new greenhouse. The plants are doing really well and we are all thinking hard about constructing the garden - see your child's half term homework.


g1 640x480      g2 640x480  



Mrs. Taylor has been doing some inspiring science activities on the topic of Sound , including making a wire coathanger sound like a church bell !


We all enjoyed the visit from the poet Spoz who inspired us to produce some great poems based on British Values.



s1 640x480    s2 640x480


We extended our knowledge of Road Safety after a very useful talk in class.


rs2 640x480      rs1 640x480

Cooking Club is getting us  excited about our culinary skills and Mrs. Sweeney is learning something new each week ! We hope you have enjoyed our tasty teas.


Now we have the exciting build up to Malvern , not long now until we shall all be there, don't forget to practise those bed making skills !


Hope you all had a great half term break and are ready for more exciting activities in the run up to Easter.





December 2016


What a busy time we're having at the moment ! Our production rehearsals are in full swing and everyone is working hard to learn their lines and remember their stage directions. We can't wait to welcome you to the performances.


We have been working super hard on fractions and have moved on to decimals for fractions. We have been impressing Mrs.Sweeney with our knowledge !


In science  we have loved exploring electrical circuits with Mrs. Taylor and are hoping to build our own lights with a switch after Christmas. Last week we explored conductors and insulators and managed to discover some interesting conductors on our clothes !

lec3 640x480  lec4 640x480  lec1 640x480  lec5 640x480


We recently had a Road Safety talk where we thought carefully about all aspects of road safety and went to look at our crossing outside school. 


We have also been thinking of fund raising ideas for the heated greenhouse . We did receive some responses from our letters which we sent to Sajid Javid , requesting help with our fundraising . Fingers crossed !!


We have all been busy trying to earn ELF (everyone's looking for ...)

certificates and advent calendar treats. Look out Christmas we're nearly ready for you !




November 2016


We have had a busy month in Eagle Class cooking, litter picking and last week we started rehearsing for the pantomine, Cinderella. The auditions took place after half term , we had a week to practise our masterpieces !  Miss Davies was spoilt for choice when it came to giving out the parts . We are now in the thick of rehearsals getting ready for the big show .                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pan1 480x640    DSCN0798 - Copy 480x640  pan3 480x640


Litter Picking.


DSCN2809 640x480      lit1 640x480



We have also been studying the planets in Science and taking a look into deeper space . We made solar systems on ticker tape which helped to show the relative size and distance between  planets . Earth is so small !





DSCN2940 640x480

DSCN2942 640x480








October  6th 2016


What a busy few weeks we've had! The children have settled into Year Four life and seem to be enjoying their new roles and responsibilities. We welcome Finlay and Teagan to the class who have quickly become part of the team!


The children all looked amazing on Roald Dahl Day! What a lot of effort!
We have been thoroughly enjoying looking at the works of Dahl and are busy producing our own books based on his work.


Our weekly cooking sessions have been linked to George's Marvellous Medicine and we have been busy making our own concoctions both in the garden and in the kitchen!
ck2        ck4    ck3


We will be selling baked goodies every Tuesday from next week to raise money for our heated greenhouse.


We are enjoying our French lessons and are busy planning a French Cafe ready for Open Day.


Friday mornings we are at the ready for Rapid Maths , trying our hardest to complete the challenges facing us .
Also on Friday we are investigating  solids, liquids and gases, in Science, so we may return home a little messy after our experiments !    lemo 1 640x480     lemo2 640x480
We have been making different solutions by dissolving solids in water . Look we made still lemonade ,delicious !