Junior Governors

Welcome to the Junior Governors Page!


The Junior Governors are doing really well doing their jobs like feeding the birds and more. There are lots for them to do and they do them well. They always have something to do every day.





We had a great time interviewing the new headteacher. We interviewed lots of nice people.





We had a really good Eco Day. The four activities were 

Straw bracelets (Mr Genders ) 

Singing eco song (Miss Davies)

Animal Lady (surprise ) 

Cooking dough balls in the pizza oven (Mrs Taylor)

It was a fun day!!! 





Junior Governors are children that want to help the school. Some of the Junior Governors jobs are: composting, litter picking, feeding the birds, checking the lights and more.

We have meetings and discuss issues in the school. We have a Junior Governor Suggestion Box where children can ask questions and suggest ideas. We share these with the teachers and Miss Davies to see what can be changed and improved at school.