Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium


Schools are funded based on the number of children at the school. Schools with children eligible for Free School Meals, children of Service families or Looked After children (children in care arrangements) receive additional funding to support the needs of these learners. This is called Pupil Premium. There is a requirement for schools to report Pupil Premium funding on a school website and its impact.



Pupil Premium Strategy 2016/17

During this academic year we are expected to receive £10,560 for our Pupil Premium children. This will again be used to employ the same two Teaching Assistants who will continue to deliver the same high quality support. 


During the above academic year received £10,960 for our Pupil Premium children. This funding was used to pay for 2 part time additional Teaching Assistanst who supported targeted children throughout the school. They delivered support in the following areas - phonics, fine motor skills, basic maths concepts, reading as well as weekly nurture groups to develop pupils self confidence. We also subsidised school trips and activities for these children. 


All Pupil Premium pupils made at least good progress and many made outstanding progress.




During this academic year we received £11,184 for our Pupil Premium children. This funding was used to pay for additional Teaching Assistant support and to subsidise school trips and activities. Targeted support groups included spelling/phonics, handwriting, social groups as well as one to one support both in and out of the classroom. These children made good progress.