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Harvest will be celebrated in the church this week. This is the song Robin class will be performing. Click here to see the video.


This week we have been busy leaf spotting and identifying trees in and around our school. We collected leaves, seeds and berries on our walk and used identification sheets and books to help us name the trees they belonged to. It was great fun. We are using the information to create a display in school.


leaf hunt 1 2  leaf hunt 2 2 Get your leaf identification sheet from the Woodland Trust here


As our mini topic on The Great Fire of London closes we felt the need to try our hands to baking. Thomas Farriner was a baker for King Charles II, we felt our bread was worthy of the Royal table.

  bread 2 bread 1 bread 3


Our outdoor learning took us on a walk around the village to look for old timber framed building similar to those around London in 1666. We found a few and sketched what we saw. The results were amazing. 

houses 1 houses 2 houses 4 houses 5 


GFL Display q GFL lanterns 


Mrs Taylor has been busy threading this week. The children created some very neat work using a variety of media.




A new year and a new start. We have spent the last week making friends and finding out about our new classroom. Our topic for the first part of this term is The Great Fire of London.

We have been busy learning about what happened on Sunday 2nd September 1666. 





Autumn Term.


In our outdoor learning we have been very busy. We created maps of the local area and looked at the different ages of the properties in our village. Reverend Irving at St Leonard's Church allowed us to look around the church. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the church and its history. 


DSCN0773 DSCN0784 DSCN0778 PA030034


One of our favourite activites was popping corn on the fire and looking at the different autumn leaves in our school grounds. We used a tree spotter to help us. The leaves were an array of different colours and sizes.


DSCN0824 DSCN0828 DSCN0827 DSCN0826 DSCN0896 DSCN0893 








Tuesday 13th September- Roald Dahl Day


We had a fantastic day dressing up as characters form Roald Dahl stories. Children and parents went to a lot of effort with costumes and props. 

IMG 0057 480x640 IMG 0061 480x640 IMG 0065 480x640 IMG 0064 480x640 IMG 0076 480x640


The children spent the day making their own Mr and Mrs Twit, filling Dream Jars and finding eye balls and worms in spaghetti. We are currently reading The Twits and are enjoying it very much, but this clip from the BBC had us gripped.

 sqiggly spaghetti

We also researched Roald Dahl and found out a great deal of information about his life. Did you know he was 198cm tall? Did you know he flew a Hurricane Jet in the war and crashed his plane in Egypt? Did you know he wrote the story 'The Gremlins'? We found out lots of facts. We created our own life size 'Roald Dahl' to stand next to and measured how tall we were to find the difference.

Mrs Prewitt had an old typewriter which we used. It was really tricky and very slow. 


DSCN0675 480x640    IMG 0080 640x480  DSCN0683 480x640


We also thought of questions we would ask Roald Dahl if he was alive today.

jb    eb  jb  ls



 In our outdoor learning we built dens to shelter from the rain. We had to work in teams. Each team designed and created their own den. Brilliant team work Robin Class.

DSCN0653 640x480 DSCN0650 640x480 DSCN0654 640x480 

This week we spoke about fire safety before we had a fire. The children listened well and came up with some great rules to folow. To celebrate we ate s'mores and drank hot chocolate. A fantastic start to the week.

IMG 0336 640x480 IMG 0311 640x480 IMG 0310 640x480 IMG 0306 640x480 

Friday's are 'Show and Tell'. The children are bringing in a selection of amazing things. So far our items of interest have included a dog and a parrot! What will be next.

IMG 0305 640x480