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We have been working hard since September to prepare for the concert and finally, last night, the time had arrived! We had an amazing time and have all agreed that it's something we will never forget. "This was the best night ever" said one child, "a once in a lifetime experience" said another.

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Happy New Year!

After a busy few weeks at Christmas, with all the excitement of pantomime and snow, we enjoyed a much-needed break!

We have come back refreshed and ready to take on some new challenges. This term our topic is 'Chocolate', some of us are very excited about what Miss Holmes and Mr Genders might have planned as part of this topic...we're really hoping some of it will involve eating chocolate...

Watch this space to find out what we get up to!


This week, Miss Holmes set us various challenges and tasks which were all linked to Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids. We had to use our knowledge of 3D shapes and their properties and build them using magnetic tiles. It was harder than we thought it was going to be!

3D shapes  3D shapes 2  3D shapes 3  3D shapes 4 

Building a pyramid out of the small wooden blocks was very hard as they kept moving.Miss Holmes was very impressed with how well we persevered with such a tricky challenge.

pyramid building 2 pyramid building

We also designed and made Egyptian collars using paper plates and felt tips, take a look at our fantastic creations:

Collar 18 collar 1 collar 2 collar 3 collar 4 Collar 5 Collar 6 Collar 7 Collar 8 Collar 9 Collar 10 Collar 11 Collar 12 Collar 13 Collar 14 Collar 15 Collar 16 Collar 17


In Science, we have started looking at Light and Shadows. We found out that a shadow is created when light cannot travel through an opaque object. We made figurines out of foil, changed the posture and then created a shadow using a torch, a steady hand and lots of patience! We observed how the shadow changed size when we moved the torch and that it was important where we held the torch so we could still see the shadow to draw round it. Everyone thought they looked 'really cool' when they were finished.

tin men tin man 2 shadows 1 

We're looking forward to carrying out more investigations on this area of Science.

For the next 2 weeks, we will be focusing on the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. We have been finding out about how the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to write and tell stories. We even had a go at writing our name using the correct symbols - it was quite fiddly!

Today we played Jenga in groups. We had to make sure we followed the instructions carefully as tomorrow, our task is to write a clear set of instructions for someone else to follow. There were some very tense moments when playing the game!!

Jenga 1  Jenga 2  Jenga 3  Jenga 4



Welcome back to a brand new year in Kestrel Class!


Both Miss Holmes and Mr Genders are very impressed with how quickly we have settled into Year 3.

This term our topic is 'The Wonders of the World.' We have lots of exciting things planned and cannot wait to begin!

Watch this space to find out what we get up to.